JGOD reveals forgotten Modern Warfare SMG that still melts in Warzone Season 5

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The Warzone SMG meta changes with every new update and JGOD has found one Modern Warfare gun that absolutely shreds in the Season 5 update. 

Warzone Season 5 is well underway and players are busy getting to grips with the new EX1, RA 225, and map changes. As always, a number of weapon balance changes have made significant adjustments to the game’s meta weapons 

While the best best Warzone SMG category is currently dominated by the Armaguerra 43 and PPSh-41, there have been a number of unconventional picks that make it into the top 10. One of these SMGs is an old-school Modern Warfare SMG that has managed to creep into contention thanks to its high TTK. 

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Best Fennec Warzone loadout 

  • Muzzle: ZLR Sabre 
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip 
  • Magazine: 40 Round Drum Mags
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

The Fennec has an incredibly fast time to kill thanks to its high rate of fire and damage per bullet, which makes it one of the best Modern Warfare SMGs in the current meta. In fact, if you can land the majority of your magazine without missing any crucial shots, you’ll chew through your enemy’s armor in no time. 

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“The Fennec does melt, it does have a very good TTK but it does rely heavily on being able to time your reloads. [It excels] when playing in solos and duos,” said JGOD in his recent SMG meta video. 

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Timestamp of 0:21

Because of the quick nature of this gun, JGOD has kitted the Fennec out with the Sleight of Hand Perk to help keep reload times down to a minimum. The 40 Round Drum Mags also reduce any downtime, enabling you to keep your focus on securing single and double kills. 

So, if you’re tired of using Cold War and Vanguard weapons, then this Modern Warfare classic is an excellent pick in Warzone Season 5. 

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