JGOD reveals fastest Warzone 2 vehicles with a few surprises

YouTube: JGOD

Warzone 2 introduced a variety of new vehicles to traverse Al Mazrah, but which ride is the fastest? JGOD revealed surprising stats for each vehicle.

Al Mazrah is approximately a little bigger than Warzone’s previous two large-scale maps, Verdansk and Caldera. With that in mind, Activision added a slew of new vehicles in Warzone 2.

Using vehicles will be extra essential in Warzone 2 because the battle royale doesn’t feature an underground transit system like Caldera had.

Picking the right vehicle could be the difference between life and death in Warzone 2, so CoD YouTuber JGOD gave a full rundown on every vehicle.

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JGOD reveals stats for every Warzone 2 vehicle

In his latest YouTube video, JGOD measured statistics to determine Warzone 2’s fastest vehicle.

The YouTuber also noted that you could refuel vehicles without even getting out, and that one gas canister fully refuels a vehicle.

Here are the Warzone 2 vehicle stats JGOD compiled. The first number represents meters traveled per second, and the second figure shows how long one tank of gas lasts for each vehicle.

  • ATV: 18.1 m/s & 3:45  
  • UTV: 18.6 m/s & 3:21
  • LTV: 17.7 m/s & 4:18
  • Hatchback: 17.8 m/s & 3:02
  • SUV: 17.8 m/s & 3:12
  • Chop Top: 18.7 m/s & 3:03
  • GMC Hummer: 19.8 m/s & 3:10
  • Cargo Truck: 15.3 m/s & 3:28
  • Light Helo: 31.4 m/s & 3:55
  • Heavy Chopper: 27.9 m/s & 3:56
  • RHIB: 15.5 m/s & 6:33
  • Armored Patrol boat: 14.7 m/s & 5:19

What conclusions can we take from these numbers? The Light Helo travels over 31 meters per second, making it the fastest vehicle in Warzone 2. The GMC Hummer looks a little bulky, but it flies, traveling just under 20 meters per second.

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The RHIB is surprisingly the game’s most fuel-efficient vehicle, lasting over six and a half minutes on just one gas tank. And as probably expected, the Cargo Truck is the slowest vehicle in Warzone 2, traveling a measly 15.3 meters per second.

Standing out from others, the UTV performed well for fuel efficiency and speed, making it an appealing option for squads rotating to a better location.