JGOD predicts Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map will mean big changes for Resurgence

. 21 days ago
JGOD pointing at Warzone Fortune's Keep map
Activision/YouTube: JGOD

The new Warzone map Fortune’s Keep was fully revealed on Monday, June 13, bringing a brand new slate of play to the Call of Duty battle royale. While excitement and anticipation is growing, JGOD predicts developers Raven Software will have some big changes to make.

Hints started to drop about a new map coming to Warzone earlier in Season 3, with suggestions that Rebirth Island could be affected.

The map was then revealed on June 13, with different POIs from Fortune’s Keep dropping regularly throughout the afternoon before it was finally shown off in full.

While fans try to figure out how the map looks and how it might play out, as well as which drops will be the best, JGOD has been hard at work getting into the finer details already.

Warzone Fortunte's Keep map
A full look at the new Fortune’s Keep map arriving in Warzone Season 4.

After the full map was revealed, Warzone guru JGOD spent a considerable amount of time attempting to figure out roughly how big the new map is going to be.

According to his final calculations, he expects Fortune’s Keep to be around 2 to 2.5 times bigger than Rebirth Island. This, he said, means some changes may be required to the ever-popular Resurgence mode.

“The map is going to be about 2-2.5 times as big as our current Rebirth Island map,” he explained. “This leads me to believe that maybe they’re going to change the player count because I don’t feel like a map of that size will probably play that well, unless they modify how quick you respawn back in.”

Since it launched, Rebirth Island has had a player count of just 40 players, a far cry from the 150 that was available in Verdansk and Caldera.

A bigger map could mean that they’re wanting to give Resurgence players more space and time throughout the map with Fortune’s Keep, or they may well be trying to find a more comfortable middle ground between the small-scale Rebirth and the much larger Caldera.

In JGOD’s view, this could mean bringing more players into the map to make it play out in a similar style — or a big alteration to the respawn system.

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