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JGOD highlights unfair Warzone aim assist advantage against stun grenades

Published: 27/May/2021 13:22

by James Busby


Call of Duty content creator JGOD has revealed how broken controller aim assist is during Warzone’s stun grenade effect. 

While both PC and console have unique advantages in Warzone, there’s no denying how potent controller aim assist is in the popular FPS game. Whether it’s quickly snapping onto targets in the gulag or effortlessly slide canceling around Verdansk, controllers certainly have a lot going for them. 

While aim assist won’t make up for poor game sense and bad decision-making, it can give console players a huge advantage in certain scenarios. This is particularly true in situations where stun grenades are concerned. In fact, JGOD recently found that controller players have a significant advantage over their keyboard and mouse counterparts. 


JGOD reveals unfair aim assist advantage in Warzone

Stun Grenade
PC players have noticed a major issue with the stun grenades in Warzone.

While under the slowing effects of the stun grenade, the CoD YouTuber found that controller aim assist still enabled him to lock onto his target without the need to make any major adjustments. “See how much it gravitates towards him, it pretty much just locked on in a way,” noted JGOD. 

This same advantage is not mirrored by keyboard and mouse controls. In fact, JGOD found that he had to wrestle for control in order to track his target. “This isn’t really fair, this is a mechanic where I think [controller] is actually broken with aim assist. I don’t think controllers should get any aim assist when you get stunned.”


As of the time of writing, controller players can accelerate that much faster when under the effects of stun grenades. Not only does this enable them to easily counter the stun grenade slow, but it also gives them a huge advantage over PC players. “It’s harder to track [on PC], you don’t get a lot of control, the movement’s delayed, and it’s very difficult,” says JGOD. 

Turning off aim assist on controller mirrored the same effects that keyboard and mouse players currently face, which made it a lot fairer than the current advantage controllers have in these conditions. Whether Activision will nerf this in a future update remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like there is no counterplay for PC players that have been hit by stun grenades.