JGOD highlights 3 key changes Warzone still desperately needs

JGOD at Gas station in Warzone caldera mapJGOD/Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone guru JGOD has highlighted a few changes he’d still like to see made to the battle royale following the “ambitious” Season 2 update. 

It has been a few months now since the initial integration between CoD: Vanguard and Warzone, and while it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, the developers have tried to figure things out.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update, which dropped back on February 14, brought about some big changes to Caldera – both in terms of new mechanics and game-balancing – and they’ve seemingly been pretty popular to this point.

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However, Warzone stats guru JGOD is urging the developers to implement a few more changes, and they aren’t all that complicated to implement either.

Warzone gas mask gameplayActivision
Gas Masks longer interrupt ADS in Warzone Season 2 – a popular change.

The Warzone content creator highlighted the changes he wants during his March 10 video, as he noted that Season 2 had been “ambitious” and a pretty welcome update.

His first ask for a future change would be to bring the Rebirth Island gulag to Caldera. Why, you ask? Well, JGOD believes it is “fairly balanced” and should have been the standard. Additionally, he’d like to see the battle royale’s playlists opened up a bit more and give players a bit more of a choice.

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“They have given us more options to choose from than previously, but, I think they’re still missing the mark,” the YouTuber said. “By having the option for everything then you’d have the four modes for those (solos, duos, trios, and quads), and the four modes for Vanguard Royale. I think those should be permanent for both.”

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On top of those two, JGOD would also like to see some more optimization changes made so that payers can go for more than “7-10 games’ before needing to restart.

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Obviously, as the developers keep things updated then some of those changes might come around, but they have the final say. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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