JGOD exposes Warzone hacker showing cheats in Twitch livestream


The hacking problem in Warzone has reached new heights in Season 5, but it appears Call of Duty streamer JGOD has been busy taking Warzone bans into his own hands. 

Warzone’s hacking problem still continues to be a huge problem in Season 5, with certain players even going as far as streaming their hacks.

Since the game’s launch, lobbies have been filled with aimbots and wallhackers. Not only do these players get an unfair advantage, but they also ruin the experience for everyone involved.

In fact, the situation has gotten so bad that many hackers have even started streaming their cheats for the entire world to see. While Activision has stepped up its efforts in dealing with hackers, a lot of cheaters still go unpunished. However, Call of Duty content creator JGOD wasn’t prepared to let one brazen hacker continue his stream. 

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JGOD exposes Warzone hacker

Hackers have been streaming their exploits in Warzone for a while now, with many of them streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. These streams invariably pull in a large number of viewers, which demeans the hard work of ordinary streamers. 

After spotting that one streamer appeared to get hit markers from walls, JGOD began to delve deeper into the player’s stream. However, the suspected hacker quickly went on the defense and called JGOD out for his observation. “Your buggin’ that’s straight hits. Come on Discord @JGODYT, I’d love to have a chat.”

After proclaiming that he wasn’t using hacks, a number of viewers began to request that the streamer show his task manager. The player agreed to share this on stream to prove that he wasn’t hacking, but as soon as he tabbed out of Warzone, the hacker immediately regretted his decision. 

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The cheat overlay was instantly revealed in the background and a look of shock swept across the exposed streamer’s face. “Oh my god,” he said before putting his hand to his head and smiling. 

This move quickly led to the streamer’s account getting banned, proving that there is some justice when it comes to removing hackers from the game. With the announcement that Activision is ramping up its efforts to stop hackers, many players hope Warzone will soon be rid of this problem for good.