JGOD exposes “annoying” Warzone Fortune’s Keep UAV bug

The Warzone Pacific Season 4 update and Fortune’s Keep made a strong first impression, but JGOD discovered a UAV bug that is affecting players on the new map.

Warzone Season 4 made massive weapon adjustments, introduced the new map Fortune’s Keep, added back fighter planes, added in new Portable Redeoply Balloons, and more.

NICMERCS went as far as saying that Fortune’s Keep is already better than Caldera, and the overall reception has been very positive for the new map.

Amidst all of the excitement, Fortune’s Keep did not launch without its flaws. CoD content creator JGOD discovered a minor but annoying UAV bug that is affecting players on the new map.

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UAVs are currently bugged on Fortune’s Keep

Warzone Zombie on Fortune's KeepActivision
Fortune’s Keep has added multiple new POIs in Warzone.

UAV is Killstreak that can be purchased from Buy Stations or found as ground loot in Warzone. Just as in multiplayer, UAVs ping the surrounding area and show red dots where enemies are located as long as they are not using the perk Ghost.

Usually, a UAV’s ping starts at the center and pulses out for a fixed distance. JGOD discovered that on Fortune’s Keep, the UAV’s ping sweeps the whole map from west to east.

The video above shows that on Caldera and Rebirth Island the UAV acts as originally intended, but on Fortune’s Keep the UAV functions with a different ping pattern.

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It is by no means a game-breaking bug, but it does create a delay for locating enemies to the east of your location.

JGOD commented by saying “it is currently showing all enemies but it feels weird since it feels delayed if you are on the right side of the map.

Raven Software may have intended for the UAV to ping from west to east on Rebirth Island but it was not included in the official Season 4 patch notes. 

We will provide an update on if a patch is made to the Warzone UAV bug but give them a try for yourself on Fortune’s Keep until then.

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