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JGOD explains why Nikita and M1916’s “fatal flaws” make them so bad in Warzone

Published: 28/Apr/2022 15:27

by Andrew Highton


Despite not being available all that long, Warzone expert JGOD has spent plenty of time with the new Season 3 guns and believes that whilst the Nikita and M1916 are usable, they “don’t fit in.”

Warzone’s Season 3 update has proven to be a big one with sizable changes made to many of the game’s established guns with long-time Sniper Rifles such as the ZRG 20mm and HDR now stepping up to the plate to try and become top dog.

Whereas the meta is being shapeshifted by some guns, the new Nikita AVT and M1916 weapons are trying to break into it. JGOD is well-known for his breakdown and analysis of Warzone’s weapons: their recoil, firing pattern, and more.


He’s spent time with the new weapons since the latest season’s launch and doesn’t think too highly of the latest batch of weaponry.

player using nikita assault rifle in cod
If you’re after some dubs in Warzone, then perhaps the Nikita and M1916 aren’t the way.

Warzone’s Nikita AVT & M1916 won’t be meta?

The M1916 is a Marksman Rifle and the Nikita AVT is an Assault Rifle and JGOD has spent his fair share with both guns to test them out properly and fairly.

He maxed out both weapons and said: “These weapons are not particularly great, I would say that “are they usable?” 100% they are usable. I think they can be a little bit fun, a little bit more challenging, but they have some fatal flaws.”


JGOD continued: “Even after the weapon balancing that kinda nerfed a bunch of stuff these things [Nikita and M1916] still don’t necessarily fit in competitively or ultra high-tier viable, they are definitely viable, but there’s a couple of things we’ll talk about.”

JGOD says the Bullet Velocity of the M1916 is low “which is not a good thing” for a weapon of its class. He also thinks its low fire rate places it on the more unforgiving side of things, leaving the M1916 as a fun distraction but ultimately “not really all that practical.”

As for the Nikita AVT, JGOD believes that its “TTK is ok,” but low Magazine options reduced its effectiveness as its damage output isn’t all that high. He also alludes to the Nikita’s recoil pattern saying: “They will probably adjust the recoil pattern on this because it’s just not good in anything particular.”


The Warzone personality had essentially built these two new guns to be as strong as they can be but thinks that there are better options out there for you if you’re chasing the game’s ultimate meta options.