JGOD explains why Cold War weapons are better in Warzone than Vanguard guns

JGOD in front of Warzone Pacifc and BOCW backgroundsActivision / JGOD

The launch of Warzone Pacific brought with it a boatload of weapons integrated from CoD Vanguard. While the new guns have worked a treat in Caldera, CoD YouTuber JGOD has revealed why players should consider switching to the Black Ops Cold War roster.

The integration of CoD Vanguard into Warzone came with a huge new slate of weapons, many of which have become Caldera staples. The STG44 has dominated the Assault Rifle scene, and the MP40 is the SMG of choice for many.

But while players have understandably been eager to try out the new lineup of guns, that’s not to say that some of the old faithful can’t still hold their own. There are still Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons to choose from.

In fact, according to CoD expert JGOD, Cold War weapons are more effective on Caldera than Vanguard’s, and he’s explained why.

JGOD on why Cold War weapons work in Warzone

BOCW AK-47Activision
BOCW weapons like the AK-47 still do some real damage in Warzone.

Speaking in a recent upload to his channel, the YouTuber revealed that Cold War guns have a “huge advantage” over the new additions, that “a lot of people haven’t talked about. He said it’s all down to the bullet velocity that BOCW weapons produce.

“Normally when you go to build your meta builds, a lot of the time for long-range you want the bullet velocity to be anywhere between 1,000 to 1,200 m/s,” he said. “There are some guns that go a little bit above that, but it’s not usually the case.”

“Usually anything below 900 or sits around 900 is a little less favorable, it gets a little harder to use. You have to lead your shot a little more which makes it difficult to be consistent, even if the gun has very low recoil.

He goes on to say that outside of a handful of exceptions in the LMG category, such as the Bren or Type 11, this is an issue that Vanguard weapons suffer with.

Meanwhile, with the right attachments, many of the BOCW Assault Rifles like the AK-47 can have a bullet velocity well over a thousand. As JGOD suggested, this makes them far more reliable at range.

He also added that some of Modern Warfare’s weapons are still extremely useful, because of this bullet velocity mechanic.

Given that Caldera is made up of plenty of open spaces, long-range fights have become more and more common in Warzone. So using an automatic weapon that can hold its own in a frantic shootout at a distance is vital for success.

It’s well worth taking the YouTuber’s comments on board the next time you’re fiddling around with your loadouts. They may have been around the block a few times, but the BOCW weapons still pack a punch in Caldera.