JGOD explains why Battlefield 2042 won’t be the Warzone killer

JGOD and Battlefield 2042 artYouTube: JGOD/EA

Battlefield 2042 has been hyped up as some to be the ‘Warzone killer’ that might finally see the EA franchise overtake Call of Duty. However, popular YouTuber JGOD isn’t too sure about that.

With E3 in full swing, game developers from across the globe have been dropping announcements, teasers, and gameplay reveals for what they’ve got coming down the pipeline.

Battlefield 2042 has, undoubtedly, drawn the biggest hype of the lot, with its stunning gameplay teaser capturing the excitement of many gamers and content creators.

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With it being a Battlefield game, it naturally draws comparisons to Call of Duty, and in this day and age, Warzone. Some fans believe BF 2042 could be the final nail in the coffin for Warzone – if Raven Software don’t make some big changes – but JGOD believes the CoD battle royale has a significant ace up its sleeve.

Battlefield 2042 reactionDICE/EA
Battlefield 2042 is expected to release on October 22, 2021.

After watching the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer, the Call of Duty YouTuber was left impressed by what he’d seen – even though he did want to see some more gunplay to see how the weapons reacted.

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As he was wrapping things up, he got onto the topic of BF 2042 vs Warzone. “I think they’ve still got a long way to go to convince me that this is the CoD killer, I don’t see it from this,” JGOD said, before getting around the ‘Warzone killer’ hype.

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“Even if Warzone continues to have tonnes of hackers, I don’t really see this killing it because this isn’t free-to-play,” he continued, adding that many players simply won’t try Battlefield because you have to buy it and there are other free-to-play options out there.

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“Unless they drop a BR in the first quarter that’s free-to-play, it’s going to be very hard for this to steal away that audience because it’s a paid game, which many people think it’s way too much to pay $70 for a game as it is,” the YouTuber added.

In terms of alternatives, JGOD suggested that Halo could be pretty popular given that its multiplayer is going to be free-to-play, but Battlefield is still impressive.

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No one will know if he’s right until BF 2042 launches later this year, but he might be on the right lines.