JGOD explains what Warzone ranked needs to take from Apex Legends

JGOD Warzone pacific logoActivision/YouTube: JGOD

Ranked mode is a heavily requested addition to Warzone. NICMERCS explained why Apex Legends and Fortnite mobility mechanics would be vital for a successful Warzone ranked mode.

Apex Legends ranked consistently draws in players from other battle royale games at the start of each season. Surprisingly after two years, Raven Software has not tested a ranked mode for Warzone.

Call of Duty leaker Hope revealed that a Warzone ranked mode may be coming soon. CoD YouTuber JGOD suggested that Call of Duty take notes from how Apex handles its ranked mode.

JGOD explains why Warzone should mimic Apex’s ranked mode

In JGOD‘s YouTube video, he went over Hope’s leak and what it means for the future of Warzone.

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The leak suggests a “ranked mode for current Warzone is coming before Modern Warfare 2 releases.”

JGOD likes how Apex Ranked separates players based on skill level and the Apex Legend list, which only features 750 players on each platform. The YouTuber wants a similar list in Warzone for players to grind.

Another positive takeaway from Apex is its fluid structure. JGOD lauds the Apex Legends developers for testing different changes. For example, other point systems, changes to kill points and placement points, and how high you need to place or how many points you lose per match.

“Apex has the better-ranked mode model,” JGOD said. “I think if Call of Duty is smart, they should look at what Apex has done and take the best of those iterations because Apex has changed its structure a dozen times or so.”

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Adding a Warzone ranked mode also opens the door for content creator tournaments and LAN events that help build the community and bring new players to the game.

JGOD noted, “Ranked mode solves one of the biggest issues that Call of Duty and any game tries to solve, and that is player engagement.”

Warzone players often question Warzone’s anti-cheat system, a heavily reported issue in Season 4.

JGOD believes that a Warzone ranked mode would force developers to improve its anti-cheat system. The YouTuber said, “They will have to make improvements to the anti-cheat, which will help the casual player base.”

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a Warzone ranked mode is not yet officially confirmed, so take this leak lightly. We will provide updates on the potential addition.