JGOD discovers secret Warzone Bren buff that totally changes the meta

JGOD discovers secret Bren buffActivision / JGOD

The Warzone Season 2 update introduced tweaks to some of the battle royale’s many weapons, and JGOD has discovered a secret buff to the Bren not mentioned in the patch notes.

As is the case with all of the game’s major updates, Warzone Season 2 came with a slew of changes to the ever-growing lineup of weapons. Plenty of different guns received buffs and nerfs, while the new Whitley LMG and KG M40 were added to shake up the meta.

Meanwhile, the PPSH saw an accidental change that made it Caldera’s most devastating weapon, one that is set to be patched in the coming days. But the SMG wasn’t the only weapon to receive a major tweak that wasn’t listed in the patch notes.

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CoD expert JGOD has discovered that the Bren has been hit with a “meta-breaking” buff, which once again makes it a force of nature in Warzone matches.

Warzone Bren on black backgroundActivision
The Bren dominated the early days of Warzone Pacific, and a secret buff could see it take over once again.

Bren receives secret buff in Warzone Season 2

When Vanguard weapons first made the leap over to Warzone, it was found that some of the game’s Barrels could give LMGs unlimited range.

The Bren then took over Warzone, and it had to be nerfed soon after. The Warzone Season 2 update appears to have undone this nerf, and it might just make the LMG one of the most OP options in the game.

In an upload to his YouTube channel, JGOD carried out a test in which he discovered that the Season 2 update boosted the Bren’s damage while removing the drop-off that normally occurs as the range increases.

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Put simply, this means that it will dish out the same amount of damage no matter how far away from an enemy you are.

He went on to explain the secret buff also had a huge impact on the time-to-kill (TTK). The Bren now has a TTK under 700, dwarfing the likes of the Cold War XM4 and AK-47, taking the weapon “back to the way it was when it was the most dominant gun in the game.”

According to JGOD, the Queen’s 705mm Royal Barrel appears to be the cause of this insane buff, so players should consider equipping it when coming up with their loadout.

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The infinite damage range also means that attachments that normally boost this stat are now irrelevant, so you can focus your setup around factors like bullet velocity or movement.

Much like the PPSH, there’s a good chance this was an accidental buff that slipped into the Warzone Season 2 update. Don’t be surprised to see a fix for this very soon, but we strongly recommend you make the most of it while it’s here.