JGOD calls Warzone aim assist “broken” after seeing wild controller clip

Twitter, @JGODYT / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone mixes controller players with mouse and keyboard players, but aim assist is causing some divides. After seeing a clip of hands-free controller gameplay, JGOD agreed that aim assist needs to be reworked.

Whether on PC or console, controller seems to be the best input for Warzone. That’s obvious from both the game’s monthly power rankings and its highest earners, the vast majority of which play on PC with controller. 

Aside from movement and comfort, a key reason has been aim assist — which helps controller players place their crosshairs appropriately. Mouse and keyboard players, by comparison, get no such help, but do have the ability to snap on enemies thanks to a larger range of motion.

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But the timeless aim assist debates have surged in Warzone recently, with MKB players claiming they need shotguns to compete and a new video showing how strong aim assist is. While JGOD has talked about aim assist before, this new clip takes the cake.

Arguably the most reputable Call of Duty content creator in the world, JGOD’s word is gospel for many. So it’s not insignificant when he claims that “a lot of controller players live in denial.”

As the clip shows, you don’t need to have your thumb on the analog stick for aim assist to not only drag across the screen, but also provide micro adjustments. The video alone was enough for JGOD to note “how broken aim assist generally is.”

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tactical in cod black ops cold warActivision / Treyarch
An MKB player’s worst nightmare.

In the past, arguments against aim assist have largely centered (pun intended) on how much of an advantage it provides against things like Smoke and Stun Grenades. While MKB players can’t do a thing while visually impaired, controller players can follow their crosshairs’ guidance.

But this new video shows just how powerful the feature can be in all situations, as it seems to practically aim for the player. 

It remains unclear if Activision Blizzard will adjust how aim assist works in the future, but for now it’s most certainly a divisive topic. There may be no right answer to the question, but, with crossplay and tournaments seemingly here to stay, the arguments may keep coming.

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