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JGOD breaks down Scump’s wild $100k World Series of Warzone win

Published: 21/Nov/2021 22:35 Updated: 21/Nov/2021 22:53

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty League pro Scump took home one of the greatest achievements of all time winning the $100k World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo Drop nad JGOD breaks down how he got it done.

The World Series of Warzone featured a duos custom tournament followed by a winner-take-all solo game of Warzone.

HusKerrs and Nebz took home the duos portion but that was just a warmup for Seth ‘Scump’ Abner as he prepared for the solo match.

Not only did the King take home $100k, but he also led the lobby with 11 kills. Warzone guru JGOD took an in-depth look at each fight he got in on his path to victory.


OpTic Scump youtube video
YouTube: Scump
Call of Duty League pro Scump won the $100k Warzone solo match with 11 kills.

JGOD breaks down Scump’s historic Warzone win 

If you’re new to Warzone or looking for a more analytical breakdown of gameplay then JGOD has come through for you.

In a Youtube video, he took a look at everything that went down in the historic solo game of Warzone and pulls up every single POV of an enemy Scump killed.

He also pulled up the K/D, amount of kills, and wins each opponent had entering the event. According to JGOD, the lobby had an average K/D ratio of 3.72 which is extremely high and something you will likely never find in a normal match.

JGOD praised Scump’s gameplay as he took down top Warzone players like Aydan and HusKerrs to get the win. The biggest thing he pointed out in his loadout is the use of the Restock perk.


While he sacrificed running Ghost and could be seen on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors, Restock allowed him to get his Stuns and Semtexs back to be able to counter the Riot Shield users in the lobby.

Restock perk in Warzone.
Scump utilized the Restock perk to its full potential in his $100k Warzone win.

JGOD also claimed that aim assist helped Scump as he was able to spot some players hiding in bushes. “When he’s in the bush he’s found because of aim assist. Controller gang wins it because it gives a little bit of positioning when somebody is in a bush and slows down,” he said, as he broke down Scump’s sixth kill.

This was a historic event in Warzone and one that had most on the edge of their seat as the King took home the win and $100k in his pocket.