JGOD blames Warzone’s Caldera for Rebirth Island’s biggest problem

JGOD blasts Warzone devs for going on vacation while game is completely “broken”Activision / JGOD

The Warzone community has clocked a shift in Rebirth Island’s gameplay and Detective James ‘JGOD’ Godoy has the answers as to how it all came about. 

When there’s a mystery growing in the Call of Duty scene there are few people better suited to solve it than JGOD and his most recent investigation does not disappoint.

The BR guru has listened to the community’s complaints about Rebirth Island’s sudden pacing issues and he has a theory that could explain it all away.

JGOD explains how Caldera’s health change is affecting Rebirth

Warzone player parachuting in over CalderaActivision
Are all the slower players leaving Caldera in favor of Rebirth Island? JGOD seems to think so.

The root of the problem lies in Season 2 Reloaded’s health update that only applies to Caldera.

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JGOD believes that the 100HP to 150HP buff on the bigger map has caused the more cautious and opportunistic players to seek out the quick time-to-kill of Rebirth Island.

As he points out, a change in base health means that accurate players have more time to respond, creating a huge skill gap: “It’s going to favor better players. People who can aim and shoot straight… not necessarily the average to below-average players.”

This results in an influx of new players to Rebirth who may not be accustomed to the high-octane gameplay of the mode, so it’s more likely to find them bunched together and playing it as if they were still on Caldera.

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For players who have been grinding Rebirth for months though, this means the game has seemingly slowed down around them and created a major shift in feeling.

While things may even out as players become accustomed to both modes, it’s worth keeping an eye out on the Warzone Trello board for an update on Rebirth Island’s health as well.