Its_Iron’s impressive Warzone strategy shows why he has the most wins

Warzone breakdownTreyarch/Activision

Rank one Warzone player Its_Iron broke down his final circle strategy on stream. After explaining each of his actions, it’s no surprise he holds the most wins out of any other player.

As any battle royale player will know, the final circle of a match is incredibly intense and requires you to continuously stay on the move to keep out of the gas.

This eliminates camping in the final area and means you have to maintain an awareness of where your opponents could be. Of course, this is extremely difficult and is why so many casual players struggle to pick up wins consistently.

So, when a rank one Warzone player breaks down his strategy for the final circle, it’s definitely worth listening in to see if it will help improve your gameplay.

Warzone strategyTreyarch/Activision
Warzone was released all the way back in March of 2020.

Its_Iron breaks down his final circle strategy

During his March 18 stream, Its_Iron broke down his strategy after picking up an impressive Warzone victory. Unlike most final circles, the streamer didn’t rely on his incredible aim, the win came down to a set of decisions that all contributed to the victory.

After reaching the final circle in his Warzone match, Its_Iron is positioned on a roof. Unfortunately, the next circle drags him right to the edge of the building and forces him to make a key decision on whether to leave the high-ground.

Instead of jumping down, he opts to burn through his gas mask and wait to see where the next circle goes.

Luckily, his gamble pays off and the circle drags itself to the other side of the building, allowing him to maintain his elevated position. Just in case, he even airstrikes the ladder up to the roof to make sure no one below attempts to climb up.

After that, he makes his way to the other side of the building and holds the high-ground for as long as possible. Once gunfire commences below him, he jumps towards the final circle knowing any enemies in the building will have to run towards him.

That’s when he finishes off the final player and picks up the victory, he even breaks down his thought process on stream.

“I needed that pull by the way, I pretty much bet it all on it pulling back up instead of pushing down… if I would have not got the pull I would have been in a lot of trouble but I went for it.”

There’s no doubt the majority of players would have left the high-ground to get into the circle and given up their power position.

Of course, as Its_Iron mentions, it was a gamble that may not have paid off, but that single decision was certainly the reason he managed to pick up the victory so easily. Perhaps, this strategy is something that others could replicate when tackling enemies in a final circle.

Not all of us will reach the top rank, but taking tips like this on board can’t hurt – especially when they’re super effective.