Is Resurgence coming to Warzone 2?

When is Resurgence mode coming to Warzone 2?Activision

Resurgence was a fan-favorite mode in the original Warzone, and many players are wondering if Warzone 2 will add the playlist in a future update. Here’s everything we know about when Resurgence is coming to Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 offers a number of different ways to play, from the regular Solos, Duos, and Squads playlists, to the new DMZ mode. It’s also experimented with limited-time modes, such as the Rocket League-style Warzone Cup.

However, months into Warzone 2’s lifecycle there is still no sign of the Resurgence mode that proved extremely popular in Warzone 1, and made the likes of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep into fan-favorite maps.

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If you’re ready for a change of pace from the regular battle royale experience, here’s everything we know so far about when Resurgence is coming to Warzone 2.

Is there a Warzone 2 Resurgence release date?

Sadly, there has been no official announcement from the developers on when Resurgence will come to Warzone 2. That being said, a number of leaks have hinted that it will arrive on February 1, 2023, as part of Warzone 2 Season 2.

A report from Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming reported that Resurgence would arrive in Season 2, along with a brand-new map. This came just weeks after alleged screenshots of the map surfaced online.

The reported map was much smaller in size than Al Mazrah and featured a number of interesting POIs, including a castle that served as the centerpiece, as well as a town center and port.

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However, the devs are yet to confirm or deny the leaks, so take them with a pinch of salt until the new season is revealed.

Rebirth Island mapActivision
Rebirth Island was the first Resurgence map in the original Warzone.

What is Resurgence mode in Warzone?

Resurgence is the faster-paced alternative to regular battle royale gameplay, which gives players the opportunity to respawn after death instead of being permanently eliminated. So long as a member of your squad is still alive, you can return to the action after death – at least until respawns are disabled for the last few minutes.

These faster matches use a smaller lobby size of around 40 to 50 players and take place on more compact maps. In the original Warzone, there was Rebirth Island, based on the real-life Alcatraz Island, with Fortune’s Keep coming later.

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Restricting the matches to smaller maps forced players to play much more aggressively, as they were more likely to run into rival squads at a more consistent rate.

Warzone 2 made a host of major changes from the first game, such as splitting Circles and the addition of AI Strongholds. With so many new mechanics to consider, we’ll have to wait and see how Warzone 2 Resurgence mode looks and players when it finally arrives.

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