Is Atlanta FaZe’s dynasty better than the iconic OpTic Gaming roster?

. 11 months ago

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Atlanta FaZe are entering Major V looking for a a fourth major tournament win of the season, but how do they stack up to the great teams of CoD history? Here, Enable, Pacman and Katie break it down. 

Not since the days of OpTic Gaming in Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare has a team dominated competitive CoD in the same way as Atlanta FaZe are dominating the Call of Duty League.

The roster of Arcitys, Cellium, Simp and aBeZy has blown away teams across the season, winning Major I, Major III and Major IV. The success has led to fans comparing them to the OpTic Gaming and CompLexity rosters of old. All three teams undoubtedly dominated their respective fields, but who is the greatest dynasty of all time?

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