Inventive Twitch streamer drops into Warzone using baguette as controller

Brad Norton
Rudeism playing Warzone with a baguette
Twitter: rudeism / Activision

Popular Twitch streamer Rudeism has crafted one of the more unique controllers in gaming history as he dropped into Warzone with a baguette ready for combat.

For some veteran players, Call of Duty simply isn’t enough of a challenge with a regular old controller. They need to up the ante and add some extra risk to the experience.

From drum kits to recorders, we’ve seen multiple instruments used as controllers over the past few months. Looking to take things one step further, Rudeism bucked the musical trend and chose a baguette as his new weapon of choice.

With years of experience modifying bizarre objects into controllers, this was just the latest experiment for the popular streamer. Here’s how successful the loaf of bread was in Warzone.

While some unique devices just map inputs to various triggers, this baguette was more complicated than you might think. Outside of the usual functions that allow for movement, and basic commands, the loaf of bread also came with motion sensor technology.

“I fitted out this baguette with a handful of buttons, a gyroscope, and an Arduino to play CoD,” he explained on Reddit.

As Rudeism rotated in real life with the bread in hand, so too did his character in-game. The same can be said while aiming with any weapon. “Oh no,” he said after picking up a sniper. 

Despite looking grim at first, he whipped the baguette around and snapped onto an enemy target for a one-shot kill. Undeniably one of the tastiest snipes you’ll ever see.

In other lobbies, he dropped in and showed off some slick movement with the unique tool as well.

It seemed like a rather effective addition to his lineup, surviving more than “eight hours of gaming.”

Amusingly enough, this isn’t the first time Rudeism has used a baguette for his gaming shenanigans. In 2018, he came equipped with a baguette in one hand and a pizza in the other while playing Overwatch.

Clearly not afraid of the added difficulty, it’s always intriguing to see what he’ll pull out of the bag next.