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Call of Duty • Dec 13, 2018

Infinity Ward studios evacuated following bomb threat

Infinity Ward studios evacuated following bomb threat

The developers best known for making various Call of Duty titles, the most recent being 2016's Infinite Warfare, was forced to evacuate their employees after a bomb threat was made. 


On the morning of December 13, police were called to the Woodland Hills, California studios of Infinity Ward following reports of a bomb threat. 

Kotaku was the first to report the news, saying that the studio was evacuated without any problems soon after the threats were made. 


Infinity Ward, the Los Angeles-based developer behind various Call of Duty games including Infinite Warfare, evacuated employees today following a bomb threat, Kotaku has learned.
Police showed up at the studio this morning telling employees to leave, according to one person who was there. Staff were able to evacuate without a problem.

The threat was reportedly a part of a Bitcoin-based ransom that featured dozens of bomb threats made to different locations across America, as reported by Gizmodo

Various companies are being sent emails requesting a Bitcoin ransom of $20,000 to prevent an explosive device from detonating.

This is a developing story and we will update as soon as we know more. 

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