Infinity Ward reveal Warzone & Modern Warfare Season 4 bug fixes

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward, developers behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the immensely popular Warzone battle royale, have revealed a host of bug fixes that players can expect to be implemented alongside the Season 4 update. 

Modern Warfare Season 4’s update is set to go live late on June 2, with a view to beginning on June 3. Players have come to expect the most significant in-game changes with the launch of new seasons. We’ve already had it confirmed that new maps, operators and weapons will be coming with the update, but that’s not all.

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New seasons also tend to bring a host of bug fixes, and Infinity Ward have gone some way to reveal issues we can expect to see patched when Season Four kicks off.

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Infinity Ward
Season Four will begin on June 3.

Thanks to the developer’s dedicated Trello page, we can get an early look at a number of bug fixes that will be patched in the next update, barring any last minute issues.

Season 4 Warzone Bug Fixes

Probably top of the list are a number of Warzone changes, including those relating to fairly major bugs. One glitch inhibited players from buying back eliminated teammates, but Infinity Ward have confirmed that a fix should be on its way.

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Similarly, patches are coming for a couple of glitches that gave players access to non-Gulag weapons, and ones that allowed them to find floor loot in the Gulag.

Infinity Ward
The Gulag weapon pool recently changed, adding ARs and SMGs into the mix.

Finally, Warzone voice chat is going to receive improvements – good news for anyone who is playing cross platform. While not specific in regards to the changes being made, we can expect general improvements that stop voice chat cutting out so frequently.

A number of players have commented on the inconsistency of Warzone’s voice chat since its release, especially after the April 28 update.

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Season 4 Modern Warfare Bug Fixes

Furthermore, there are some specific fixes coming to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. One of the most significant fixes coming is to stop an issue that prevented players earning a nuke while using blueprint weapons.

Infinity Ward have also confirmed that patches are coming to stop visual corruption affecting multiplayer matches. This saw players experiencing bizarre multi-color screens and other graphical problems.

Hardhat is one of the newest MP maps added, with some small bugs surfacing.

Another significant fix coming relates to some players being able to move around while the match countdown timer is still ongoing. Despite the match not actually having started, some players found themselves able to move out of spawn, at a clear advantage to enemies who could not move.

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There are additional bugs listed on Trello that do not have clear fixes, so players will have to wait slightly longer to see those ironed out.

Regardless, it’s good news for fans of Modern Warfare and Warzone, who can expect to enjoy a smoother experience when the bug fixes go live alongside the Season 4 launch.