Infinity Ward reveal fixes coming to Warzone & Modern Warfare Season 5

Warzone logo on Modern Warfare Oil RIg gunfightInfinity Ward

Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have confirmed a number of bug fixes will be coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 5 in a near-future update, sorting a host of frustrating issues. 

Despite Warzone’s incredible popularity – hitting 75 million players within 6 months of its release – it has received a fair amount of criticism for hackers and bugs. The former remains pretty pervasive, but Infinity Ward are going out of their way to make it as bug-free as possible.

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We saw a rapid patch for an infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ earlier in August, and the developers have now given a series of updates on what players can expect later in Season 5.

Call of duty character shooting while skydivingInfinity Ward
Warzone hackers have plagued the game since its launch.

Arguably the most prominent of all the bug fixes confirmed relates to players pulling their parachutes when making the smallest of jumps.

Infinity Ward responded to a clip from streamer TimTheTatman some time ago, and it has now been confirmed via their Trello board that a fix will be coming in a future update.

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The glitch has actually been present in Warzone since the game launched, so many players will be relieved to hear that it’s no longer an issue.

Another Warzone specific bug that has been fixed relates to the self-revive ability, that many found was broken following the Season 5 update. The bugs specifically relate to the UI when using self-revive, as it doesn’t show when a player has it, and doesn’t prompt them to use it when downed. Infinity Ward have confirmed this will be fixed.

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Similarly, a fix for Quads specifically relating to Most Wanted contracts, with teammates displaying incorrectly on mini-maps will be coming. These are not the only Warzone issues being sorted, but they are arguably the most important.

Infinity Ward
Quads fixes will en route for those who play Warzone in fours.

In terms of Modern Warfare itself, the most notable fix is coming to the Tracker perk. Players have been noticing the benefits of the Tracker perk after respawning, even when they do not have it equipped. Needless to say, this has been giving significant advantages to certain players, and will be fixed in the next multiplayer update.

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Warzone bug fixes coming soon

  • Players have reported seeing Tracker footprints on the ground after respawning, even when they don’t have the perk equipped.
  • Players have reported multiple issues with rank and Battle pass progress, as well as not getting credit for missions and challenges.
  • Tracers lose their impact VFX when the ammunition is changed from the default 5.56 NATO ammunition on the M4A1.
  • Season 5 Week 1 challenge reads: “Call in the Personal UAV Killstreak 7 Times.” Should be written as Personal Radar.
  • While jumping in certain areas of Verdansk, the player’s parachute may open.
  • Yellow highlighting of your name in the Squad widget is missing in BR Buy Back.
  • Players are seeing multiple issues with self revive UI after our latest update.
  • Player’s mini-map icon had both the downed icon and arrow when the player started the Most Wanted contract in BR Quads.

For a full run-down of all the bugs Infinity Ward are tracking, you can check out their dedicated Modern Warfare and Warzone Trello board.

In terms of when they will be fixed, there were no specifics available. However, we have seen significant updates go out on Tuesdays for Warzone, so the 25th August looks like a potential date.

We will, of course, provide you all the patch notes when the games’ next updates go live.

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