Infinity Ward respond to broken Riot Shield bug in Warzone

. 2 years ago
Riot Shield Character with Warzone Logo
Infinity Ward

Joe Cecot, co-design director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, has responded to a bizarre glitch in Warzone, that allows enemies to shoot straight through a player’s Riot Shield. 

A game as expansive as Call of Duty: Warzone is bound to have its fair share of bugs and inconsistencies. Some, however, are more than minor, and can break the way the game is meant to function.

Riot Shields in Warzone are controversial, with some arguing they should not be present because of the negative play-styles they encourage. However, Infinity Ward have given no indication of removing them, but it does look like they’ll have to make a patch to deal with an emergent bug.

Riot Shield in Modern Warfare.
The Riot Shield deflects bullets with ease.

The glitch was tweeted by ‘TheseKnivesOnly‘ on June 26. The attached clip shows the player crouched in a corner with a Riot Shield in front of them. An enemy then rounds the corner and opens fire, dealing damage despite the player’s Riot Shield being equipped.

It’s when the killcam is viewed, however, that the extent of the glitch becomes clear. The enemy’s POV shows the player with a Riot Shield on their back, despite it definitely being equipped. Hence, the player with the Riot Shield can be shot but cannot do any shooting.

Thankfully, Joe Cecot was on hand to respond and reassure Riot Shield mains that they will be investigating, with a fix hopefully coming soon. “We’ll have a look at this,” Cecot replied.

Cecot’s response was well-received on Twitter, with the user thanking him for the swift reply. A few Twitter users, however, joked that Riot Shields should be left with the glitch to discourage players from using them.

As much as Riot Shields can frustrate players, Infinity Ward will aim for a swift patch to the game-breaking issue.

It could well be fixed in the mid-Season 4 update, which has already been confirmed to feature a nerf to the Grau. There is no confirmed date for the mid-season update, but we expect it to drop around Tuesday, July 9.

We will of course provide exhaustive patch notes when the update drops in-game.

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