Infinity Ward dev responds to impatient fans waiting for Modern Warfare 4 reveal


Unlike previous years, the next Call of Duty game has not been revealed in late April or early May, leaving some fans impatient for the rumored Modern Warfare 4, but Infinity Ward’s narrative directer has chimed in on the rampant speculation.

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There hasn’t been an installment in the Modern Warfare series of the CoD franchise since 2011, however, all signs have been pointing to that fact changing with whatever title is released as Call of Duty’s 2019 game.

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Fans are eager to find out whatever information possible, especially as the point in which the game is traditionally announced has come and gone, and there has been no confirmation as to what is set to be announced.

Yet, the wait for a teaser to finally be revealed may just be going on for a little bit longer, with Infinity Ward themselves starting to chime in on the arduous wait.

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Taylor Kurosaki, the Studio Narrative Director at Infinity Ward, responded to a fan who pleaded with them to reveal the teaser for the game sooner rather than later. “Take a deep breath. Be patient.” responded Kurosaki on May 12.

Kurosaki followed up by saying “great things come to those who wait – clearly confident about what they are working on, another example of people related to Call of Duty finally making comments about the next game.

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The Studio Narrative Director also seemed to advocate another user – Chris Atchison, Senior Game Advisor at EB Games – in their plea for patience too, explaining that fans shouldn’t get caught in what news might be real and what might be false.

While the wait for confirmation about the next game will finally be over before June 30, at the very latest, that hasn’t stopped fans clinging on to every word or possible tease about seeing something from the new title before then.

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Popular YouTuber Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell recently hinted at a possible reveal date after heading out to Los Angeles on a ‘secret’ trip. The secret seemed to be let out of the bag when eagle-eyed fans spotted a familiar building lurking in the background of his video – matching it up with the headquarters of Infinity Ward.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that Syndicate was playing Modern Warfare 4, it has been confirmed that Activision and Sony, the two parties who would be likely to reveal the next game, won’t be attending E3 on June 11-14 with any sort of big show. So, any hopes of seeing the game there are pretty bleak.

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It remains to be seen just when the eagerly anticipated game will be announced but with evidence piling up, it seems as if it can’t be all that far away.