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Infinity Ward confirms when Warzone's Trios playlist will return again

by Brad Norton


Warzone players have kicked up a fuss once again after Infinity Ward removed trios from rotation for a second time. The Call of Duty community won’t have to wait much longer however, as we now know when the mode is set to return.

Since Warzone’s launch on March 10, the vast majority of players quickly grew accustomed to Trios being the standard game-type. Since then, Infinity Ward has introduced everything from Solos and Duos, up to Quads as well. 

Instead of simply adding to the pre-existing playlists though, the developers have time and again removed old modes in favor of new additions. After dropping regular Trios from rotation a second time in the game’s brief lifespan, the community vented their frustration on social media. Thankfully, we now know when it will be coming back.

Infinity Ward
Three-person teams will soon be able to play the standard Warzone mode again.


An April 8 patch brought about both Duos and Quads to much fanfare. These highly requested modes were added in quickly, though they came at a cost. Instead of joining alongside Trios, they outright replaced the popular mode.

Bringing the Trios playlist back on April 10, it was quickly removed once again just a few days later, causing fans to grow ever-more frustrated.

Warzone’s April 14 playlist update introduced a brand new take on the Trios formula. The Scopes and Scatter Guns mode saw players restricted to just shotguns and sniper rifles throughout the three-person playlist.

The new addition came at the cost of standard Trios once again, however. After days of community backlash, Infinity Ward today confirmed that the regular three-person playlist will be back on Thursday, April 16th at 11PM PST.


Removing and restoring the mode time and time again has led to much confusion and frustration. However, there’s no telling if the mode will become a permanent fixture now after having been re-implemented twice due to community demand.

“We hear you loud and clear!” Infinity Ward posted on April 15, responding to the vocal majority. “We'll be doing a playlist update tomorrow night that brings BR Trios back to Warzone.”

While players can hop back into a regular three-person Warzone experience after tomorrow’s playlist update, there’s no guarantee that the mode won’t be plucked for a third time in the days to come.

Infinity Ward
There's no telling if Trios will be a permanent fixture after this latest playlist update.


If Trios becomes the most-played mode once again, there’s a good chance we may see it stick around for the long-run this time.

Dexerto will keep you up to date on all the latest playlist changes as Infinity Ward continues to tweak the Warzone experience.