Infinity Ward confirm multiple fixes in the works for CoD: Warzone

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward, has responded to multiple Twitter users regarding their issues with CoD Warzone, as the battle royale approaches one month old. 

Since its March 10 release, Call of Duty’s latest battle royale has been lauded by critics and fans alike. Many have praised its fast pace and efficient game mechanics, comparing it favorably to Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

However, as is standard with the release of any new game, a number of frustrating glitches and inconsistencies have emerged. Developers Infinity Ward and Raven Software will be quick to iron these out in order to keep Warzone afloat in a saturated battle royale market. 

Infinity Ward
Warzone released on March 10.

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Joe Cecot demonstrated this attitude on March 21, replying to a number of Twitter users regarding the bugs they’ve encountered while playing Warzone. 

Most notably, he confirmed that a fix will be coming to stop people leaving the game once downed and depriving their attacker of the kill. 

In the game’s current build, downed players can leave a game to prevent the enemy who knocked them from getting the kill. Naturally, this should not happen and players who are downed with no prospect of being revived should reward players with the elimination. 

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Alongside this confirmation, Cecot hinted that Infinity Ward will look at a change allowing allies to be informed when one of their teammates downs an enemy.

Currently, it is up to players to verbally communicate to their teammates that they have downed an opponent. 

An in-game feature would mean players are automatically informed when their teammates knock an enemy. While Cecot did not confirm this, his response suggested IW will look into it. 

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Cecot also responded to an issue semtex grenades, to ensure they down an enemy player if they are stuck.

There appears to be a few scenarios in Warzone’s current build that enable players to survive a direct impact. Needless to say, this seems unfair on those accurately throwing their grenades. 

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Later in the day, Cecot also responded to complaints about some of the settings in Warzone when one player asked whether there were plans for a button remap in the works and, more specifically, for the ping button.

Currently, Warzone and multiplayer settings are one and the same, but it seems Cecot and the Infinity Ward team are aware that this isn’t the optimal way to play and has said that they’re “working on some stuff.”

Cecot did not provide a detailed timescale on when we can expect to see these adjustments made. However, now they are on Infinity Ward’s radar we can expect to see adjustments made in the near future.

You can also keep up to date with fixes coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone on Infinity Ward’s Trello board, and of course we’ll keep you informed on Dexerto.

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