Infinity Ward confirm fix for frustrating menu glitches in Modern Warfare

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Joel Emslie, Art Director at Infinity Ward, has confirmed via Reddit that fixes will be coming for the frustrating menu and Calling Card bugs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Modern Warfare’s Season Two is in full flow, with fans excited for both new maps and new game modes. Alongside the plethora of new content on offer for players, a number of bug fixes should be finalized over the course of Season Two. 

While such a big update will naturally cause new issues and inconsistencies, this particular issue has been rearing its head for some time now, much to the frustration of fans. 

Infinity Ward
The green dot by ‘Weapons’ is what is causing players frustration.

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It involves the main multiplayer menu, and a visual prompt to players to inform them that they have a new item to view. This visual prompt comes in the form of a green dot at the top right of the relevant box. 

However, the green dots have apparently not been disappearing as intended, even once players have viewed all their new items. 

There have been multiple complaints about the issue, but thankfully on February 22, Infinity Ward developer Joel Emslie provided fans with an update. 

“We are pushing to get a clear all current green dots in the menus button,” he said. “Hoping sometime in the near future stay tuned.”

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He was then pressed on why they don’t just fix the Calling Card glitch the user had asked about, in which players are repeatedly told they have a new card in their barracks. 

Despite no new Calling Card actually existing, players are met with the green dot prompt, and there is no way of getting rid of it. 

In response to a user asking why they don’t specifically fix the Calling Card glitch, Emslie simply responded: “Both.” 

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As a result it sounds irrelevant which bug is plaguing players, as they will both hopefully be fixed in the near future. 

Emslie offered no timeframe for the fixes however, so it’s not entirely clear when they’ll make their way into the game. 

Despite not being the most significant issue in Modern Warfare, it’s fair to say that it’s frustrating players who simply want to clear their menu of green dots. 

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