Incredibly broken under the map Warzone exploit at Prison is unstoppable

Warzone character at PrisonActivision

Warzone players are once again having to deal with enemies getting under the map and being impossible to kill, with Prison having a pretty broken spot now.

Since Warzone launched over a year ago, Raven Software have been in a battle to spot hackers, cheats, and trolls from completely ruining the battle royale experience.

The devs have shut down a whole host of aim botters, god mode users, and wall hackers, and have started cracking down on players who get under the map.

These under the map spots are pretty deadly, especially if the zone rotates to them, as players can sit under the map and pick off enemies without fear of being killed themselves.

Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Well, while Raven stated that they’d be addressing a few of these spots in Season 3, players are still able to utilize a few of them.

That includes a spot under Prison where, as Redditor khentimentu shows, players who use the exploit can just simply sit under the map, pick off enemies, and stroll away with the win.

What makes the Prison spot a little different is the fact that, for starters, the exploiter is a few levels underneath their final enemy, and two, they are able to pick up items. In other spots we’ve seen, you can’t actually pick up other items, which makes this one a little more busted.

A few of these spots have been ultra situational in the past, because the circle simply won’t rotate to them. However, in this case, the player using the exploit was perfectly fine as the circle pretty much followed their path.

It remains to be seen if Raven will address these spots further than they already have.