Call of Duty

Incredible Statistics Show the Average Placement of 180 Pro Players Across the CoD WWII Season

by DG Goldstein


A set of incredible statistics show the average placement of 150 Call of Duty pro players across the WWII competitive season thus far.

With the return of 'boots on the ground' combat, the 2018 CWL Season on Call of Duty: WWII gained a substantial amount of traction and hype prior to its start in December.


The first major LAN event, CWL Dallas, saw an incredible turnout by both players and spectators, which kicked off the highly competitive season with Team Kaliber taking home first place over Splyce.

A total of four major Open events have been played since Dallas, not including the regular season and playoffs for Stage One of the CWL Pro League over between January and April.


With so many chances at competition, a collection of different teams have made their case as the best squad in the game, with four different teams taking home championships since December.

Now that the beginning of Stage Two is right around the corner, a Reddit user by the name of DareeToBe put together a table of the average placements of 180 professional and amateur players, with Peirce 'Gunless' Hillman coming in at number one with 2.7 over five major LANs.


The full table can be viewed below.

Source: Reddit