IceManIsaac reveals underused Warzone perk that’s perfect for good players

Tempered Perk next to Warzone Pacific POIActivision

Warzone content creator IceManIsaac has outlined exactly why the Tempered perk is being used in so many tournaments, explaining that it allows you to be “more aggressive” in your gameplay. 

Call of Duty’s renowned Perks system is again present in Warzone Pacific, meaning players have options in their classes of where and how they want to augment their gameplay.

Recent buffs to the Restock perk have seen plenty use it to spam projectiles but, as has become typical, most players are set on their chosen perks with Ghost, Overkill, Double Time, and Amped among the most popular.

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According to content creator and YouTuber IceManIsaac, though, there is a new contender for the title of Warzone’s best perk, and it has become incredibly common in pro tournaments and high level competition.

Warzone Sniper with logoActivision
Warzone’s perks give players plenty of choice when it comes to playstyle.

In his April 21 video, Isaac outlined exactly why so many high level players are now using the Tempered perk, which means players’ armor is completely refilled by two plates instead of the typical three.

In short, it gives players 75 extra health per armor plate and makes healing much faster. It’s for these reasons that Isaac believes its so common in competitive environments.

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“Don’t think about Tempered in a sense of plate economy,” he said. “Yes, a single plate with Tempered gives you 75 health… that’s a secondary benefit. What the real benefit of Tempered is; it allows you to re-challenge your opponents more aggressively and catch them off guard. You’ll have more health sooner than they think. The value in this… is talking about the last chance re-challenge.”

When opponents push players to finish them off, they will be caught off guard by how fast they have regained health. However, it can also be used offensively to catch enemies off guard by armoring up and pushing quicker than expected.

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The only problem with Tempered is that it comes in the Perk 2 slot, meaning players will have to opt for it over Ghost or Overkill, two long-term meta perks.

If you play aggressively and are confident, there’s probably not a better option in the game right now.

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