HusKerrs threatens to quit Warzone due to ‘unfair’ controller aim assist

Warzone HusKerrs aim assistTwitter: HusKerrs / Activision

Warzone star HusKerrs appears to have reached his breaking point with controller aim assist, explaining why he might leave the Call of Duty battle royale behind if the situation doesn’t improve.

No different from the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, Warzone is another popular battle royale title that allows various forms of input to coexist in the same lobby. A squad full of controller players can easily bump into a squad full of gamers using a mouse and keyboard.

It’s this core feature of Warzone’s gameplay that has the biggest Twitch streamers debating over the past few weeks. With controller players having access to powerful aim assist, is it really a fair battle out in Verdansk?

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FPS veteran Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left stunned by just how sharp Warzone aim assist is during a recent $75,000 Twitch Rivals tourney.

Now, shroud’s duo for that event, HusKerrs, is right there with him, even threatening to quit Warzone altogether.

Fellow Warzone streamer Almond shared a highlight on August 29 with the simple caption “aim assist [for the win].”

The clip showed how controller players may have a slight edge in 1v1 gunfights. Being able to slightly track enemies through surfaces and pre-aim them could be the difference between a win and a loss.

It’s this clip that led HusKerrs to lash out on social media. “This s*** makes me wanna quit Warzone,” the NRG streamer stressed in response.

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“It’s just not an even playing field for [mouse and keyboard] at the top.”

His reaction opened the floodgates once again as dozens of players chimed in with their own takes on the drama. 

Warzone buyback modeActivision
Controller aim assist has become a point of contention in recent weeks.

Sniping legend FaZe Pamaj even extended an open invitation for HusKerrs to “plug in the controller.

“No one is stopping yall,” he said.

“Not that easy to just ‘plug in a controller’ and compete with the best controller players in the world,” HusKerrs replied. 

Rather than swapping sides and picking up the sticks, HusKerrs instead wanted to highlight “that aim assist is a little too strong.”

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In 1v1 gunfights between controller players and those with a mouse and keyboard, the latter “can’t be off by the slightest amount or they lose,” he argued.

Despite his complaints, and even teasing the notion he’d step away from Warzone entirely, HusKerrs didn’t provide a solution for the issue. For the time being, it doesn’t appear as though anything is set to change in Warzone.

The top Warzone competitions will still allow players of all backgrounds to jump in. Perhaps with enough outrage though, we might see separate tournaments down the line.