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Team Tommey win Royal Ravens’ Ravenstorm $25k Warzone event: Final placements & recap

Published: 15/Jan/2021 16:31 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 13:46

by Tanner Pierce


Tommey, Almxnd and Vinnie Hacker have come away as the champions of the Ravenstorm $25K Warzone tournament, hosted by the Call of Duty League’s London Royal Ravens. After a multi-round kill-race event with celebrities and top players, the trio came out on top. 

  • Tommey and Almxnd resume their rightful place on top of the tourney world, helped by TikTok star Vinnie Hacker
  • Team Rated choke massive lead in Grand Finals, struggling against sweaty lobbies
  • Jukeyz and Zlaner can’t make it past second round following meetings with hackers

Final Placements

With $25,000 up for grabs, the tournament went through four rounds with multiple teams dropping out of contention in each. At the end, the final four got a cut of the prize pool with $12,000 going to the champions, $6,000 to the runner-ups, $3,000 to third-place and the remaining $4,000 split among the rest.

Final Placement Team Score Earnings
1st Team Tommey 88 $12,000
2nd Team Rated 85 $6,000
3rd Team Vapulear 83 $3,000
4th Team Sebi 54
5th Team Wuskin
6th Team Deleo
7th Team TeePee
8th Team SuperEvan
9th Team Jukeyz
10th Team Angelika

Ravenstorm $25K Warzone Tournament Results & Recap

ravenstorm final results

The Ravenstorm tournament kicked off at 6pm GMT (1pm ET/10am PT) on Friday, January 15, 2021 and, for Tommey, started with a bang. Wielding the formerly meta Kilo, the 100 Thieves competitor got the day rocking with an insane 36 kills in their first match.


The tournament was formatted with four rounds of action, each a one-hour kill race (sans placement points) with scores resetting upon each round. Surprisingly, top competitors like Jukeyz, Zlaner, SuperEvan and Newbz all were eliminated by the end of the second round. Unsurprisingly, two of the most highly touted teams — Team Tommey and Team Rated — were at the top of the brackets in the Grand Finals round.

Despite jumping out to a huge lead with their first game in Round 4, Rated, Aydan and influencer EvilHiccup were unable to put together a strong complementary match and ended up just three points short of first place. This marks a tremendous return to form for Tommey, who gets his first tournament championship since getting signed to 100T. And, for the Tommey and Almxnd duo, a return to excellence after numerous disappointing tourney runs. As for Vinnie Hacker, he cements himself as the best celebrity from the 10 invited.


Ravenstorm Warzone tournament: Teams & players

The Ravenstorm Warzone tournament featured a collection of professional players, top-of-their-game streamers and the Ravens’ celebrity investors and content creators who fought for the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Here are the teams who were in attendance:

Team Players
Team 1 Jukeyz, Steve Aoki, ZLaner
Team 2 Angelika, DougIsRaw, Amari
Team 3 Rated, EvilHiccup, Aydan
Team 4 Tommey, Vinnie Hacker, Almond
Team 5 Sebi, Vikkstar, Trance
Team 6 Wuskin, Killerpigeon, Thumblesscudi
Team 7 Deleo, 2Fly, Louis Morton
Team 8 TeePee, Carson Bohling, Merk
Team 9 SuperEvan, Jason Mewes, Newbz
Team 10 Vapulear, Alvaro Romero, Lenun

Massive props obviously need to be given to Tommey and Almxnd, but Hacker deserves his credit for being one of the strongest performers among the celebrity invitees. Similarly, fans, and EvilHiccup herself, may say that Rated and Aydan had to “hard carry” their celeb — but she provided great comms and vibes the entire way, ensuring the team couldn’t tilt even if the lobbies tempted them to.


As the first major tournament since the DMR’s second wave of nerfs, this tourney gave the Warzone community a chance to see a new meta in action. As Tommey so easily proved, new primary weapons like the Kilo are officially viable on Verdansk.