Team ItsEyeQew wins $75K Twitch Rivals Warzone Iron Trials Showdown: Final results

How to watch Warzone Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Iron Trials Showdown: Stream, schedule, formatActivision / Twitch

Twitch Rivals hosted another huge $75,000 Warzone event but this time around, Iron Trials was in focus as Arrayyz, ItsEyeQew, & Ebatez proved to be masters of the hardcore mode. Here’s a complete recap of how the action unfolded.

  • Arrayyz, ItsEyeQew, & Ebatez close out first-place finish.
  • First Twitch Rivals event with Iron Trials format.
  • $75,000 prize pool.

Ever since Iron Trials ’84 became a mode in Warzone, players have been commenting on how competitive the hardcore mode is and the skill gap it creates by having longer TTKs.

After a few weeks of testing, with the mode now accessible in custom lobbies, Twitch Rivals was first to host a major $75,000 event with the new rules in effect. From how the format worked to how the action played out, here’s all there is to know.

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Twitch Rivals $75K Iron Trials Showdown: Final Placements (Top 10)

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Team ItsEyeQew 134.1 $15,000
2nd Team bbreadman 111 $12,000
3rd Team Tommey 97.5 $9,000
4th Team zColorss 91.7 $6,000
5th Team Rated 85.6 $3,000
6th Team Swagg 70.5 $1,500
7th Team Djmas23 65 $1,350
8th Team iSmixie 62.7 $1,350
9th Team OPMarked 53.3 $1,350
10th Team Metaphor 53.3 $1,200

Twitch Rivals $75K Iron Trials Showdown: Recap & Results

With limited practice in the new Iron Trials mode, it’s safe to say this $75K Twitch Rivals event was fairly chaotic from the jump. Not only did we see new teams forming for the first time in customs, but we also saw new trios rising to the very top for the first time as well.

Right out of the gate it was Arrayyz, ItsEyeQew, & Ebatez that came out swinging.

They secured the first two map wins and did so with plenty of kills to their name. When the multiplier came through, it pushed this trio to a whopping 84 points, 26.4 points ahead of the second-best team across the opening matches.

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A win from Team bbreadman in map three and a win from Team Tommey in map four pushed both Trios into the top 5. Though it wasn’t enough to catch up on the near-insurmountable lead Team ItsEyeQew cemented in the first two games. Heading into the final lobby, they still held a 15.8 point advantage over the second-best team.

Another top-three placement in the final map was more than enough to secure the trophy. Team ItsEyeQew couldn’t be stopped as they closed out the first-place finish.

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Twitch Rivals $75K Iron Trials Showdown: Stream & Schedule

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With 43 Triso all dropping in at once, the best way to keep on top of the action was through the official Twitch Rivals stream. Though as always, fans could also tune into their favorite POV’s directly as all 129 players were broadcasting live.

It all kicked off at roughly 3:30PM PT on Tuesday, October 26 and ran for just over four hours.

Twitch Rivals $75K Iron Trials Showdown format

The Iron Trials Showdown was a trios custom tournament as 129 players all dropped into five custom matches.

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As usual with custom games, both kills and placements were essential in each lobby. Below is a breakdown of the point multiplier that was in effect for this event.

Placement Kill Multiplier
1st 2.0x
2nd 1.8x
3rd 1.6x
4-10th 1.5x
11-25th 1.3x
1 Point per Kill

Any Trio that placed in the Top 49 walked away with some cash for their troubles. Though obviously, the bigger payouts were reserved for those who finished near the top of the standings. Below is a full prize pool breakdown for the $75K Iron Trials event.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown Prizing
Placement Prizing Per Team Prizing Per Player
1st $15,000 $5,000
2nd $12,000 $4,000
3rd $9,000 $3,000
4th $6,000 $2,000
5th $3,000 $1,000
6th $1,500 $500
7th – 9th $1,350 $450
10th – 12th $1,200 $400
13th – 15th $1,050 $350
16th – 20th $900 $300
21st – 25th $750 $250
26th – 30th $600 $200
31st – 40th $375 $125
41st – 49th $300 $100

Twitch Rivals $75K Iron Trials Showdown teams

From Warzone’s top streamers to professional CoD players and more, these Iron Trials lobbies were stacked full of talent.

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Below is a full look at every confirmed team that dropped into the $75K Twitch Rivals Showdown.

zColorss Stukawaki zSmit Royalize_ GooeyGuyy Med1cinee_
Wagnificent Its_iron Yeet Repullze LuckyChamu SuperEvan
UnRationaL ScummN intechs Rayskiis ryshiv aimxbob
Tourva Redman_Lyons Nightlennn Rated Mayappo Ottereyes
Tommey Almond Newbz Proze NobuSpartan BlingCjay
TheDanDangler TBA TBA Pieman iLLeYY Shotzzy
TestyFPS ESTANAUT LarryFishburger p90princess Gangstazsalute88 youavs
Swagg Aydan DiazBiffle OPMarked ShadedStep Knight
SpiderTiff JaredFPS KaylaDeLancey Metaphor HisokaT42 ShiftyTV
Russ Greveey JerKy26 Kalei RydaOFFICIAL pork
JoeWo Frozone aHtracT12 ItsEyeQew Arrayyz Ebatez
iSmixie Bartonologist fukluvey HusKerrs Destroy Z_Laner
Holly TBA TBA Exzachtt Braalik Nickool
Exclusives oakleyboiii picNICKbasket Envoy Arcitys drazah_
Djmas23 EmSage validhands Crowder NiicoInfinite Priestahh
BrittneyRaines ForeignJase zJelly BobbyPoffGaming Babydillster FinessenTV
bbreadman envailed_ Skullface49 Apathy Slacked Flxnked
AngelWalks TheDezmond Bloo AlohaMyy deniro420 IntenseV0
AlmightyTJM Dougisraw IkesNasty TBA TBA TBA