Team exzachtt wins $75K Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Final Placements

warzone twitch rivals showdown naTwitch / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone was just treated to another big-money tournament: the $75,000 Twitch Rivals NA Showdown that ultimately saw Team exzachtt come out on top. Here’s a complete recap of how the event unfolded.

  • exzachtt, Braalik, and Nickool closed out the win.
  • 50 Trios competed in five custom games for $75,000
  • Top players included Aydan, Biffle, and… Crimsix.

A mere 24 hours after Warzone’s top talent dropped into the $20K Z&Z Invitational, another major tournament immediately came around. Another $75K was up for grabs in the latest Twitch Rivals Showdown and we’ve got the full recap on how the action panned out.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Team exzachtt 107 $15,000
2nd Team Tommey 104.9 $12,000
3rd Team UnRationaL 82.4 $9,000
4th Team MuTeX 73.8 $6,000
5th Team Destroy 71.6 $3,000
6th Team IceManIsaac 71.4 $1,500
7th Team AlohaMyy 67 $1,350
8th Team OPMarked 65.3 $1,350

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Results & Recap

With yet another $75,000 up for grabs, Warzone’s top talent came out swinging once again. Five custom lobbies played out back to back with different teams stealing the spotlight in each of them.

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While some Trios pushed for high-kill games, others played it more passively, looking for placement multipliers to boost them up the rankings.

As action began to wind down, scores couldn’t have been closer heading into the fifth and final map. Just 16 points separated the top 10 Trios.

Ultimately, it was a remarkable showing from exzachtt, Braalik, and Nickool in the final moments that pushed them over the edge. Together, they claimed the grand prize and pocketed $15,000.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Stream

The tournament was streamed live via the official TwitchRivals channel, but fans could also check out some of the best players involved — like Aydan, Biffle, and Tommey.

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Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Format & schedule

The Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown kicked off on September 22 at 2 p.m. PT and ran through five full matches.

  • Mode: Battle Royale Trios (private lobby)
  • Number of Games: 5 Games
  • Scoring Format
    • Teams earn points during each game based on placement and kills. Teams are ultimately ranked based on their cumulative score.
    • Kills earn 1 point, which gets modified based on placement
  • Ranking + Tiebreakers
    • Total Number of Victories
    • Total Number of Eliminations
    • Average Placement in All Games
    • Placement in the last game of the tournament

Placement Scoring

  • 1st Place: 2x Points multiplier for that game
  • 2nd Place – 5th place: 1.5x Points multiplier for that game
  • 6th Place – 15th Place: 1.3x Points multiplier for that game
  • 16th Place – 25th Place: 1.1x Points multiplier for that game
  • 26th+ Place: 1x Points per kill

Prize Breakdown

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown Prizing
Placement Prizing Per Team Prizing Per Player
1st $15,000 $5,000
2nd $12,000 $4,000
3rd $9,000 $3,000
4th $6,000 $2,000
5th $3,000 $1,000
6th $1,500 $500
7th – 9th $1,350 $450
10th – 12th $1,200 $400
13th – 15th $1,050 $350
16th – 20th $900 $300
21st – 25th $750 $250
26th – 30th $600 $200
31st – 40th $375 $125
41st – 49th $300 $100

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Teams

While there was no official confirmation on every team involved, we’ve put together a list of everyone we spotted during the event.

It’s worth noting that, even without European talent represented, there are still a bunch of the game’s top-ranked players involved.

Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown Trios
ZLaner, Destroy, ClutchBelk Intechs, Apathy, Slacked aHTracT, Flxnked, Frozone zColorss, ScummN, UnRationaL
picNICKbasket, TeddyRecKs, zSmit JoeWo, DougisRaw, Ottereyes Tommey, Almond, Newbz Metaphor, Piemxn, OakleyBoiii
Aydan, Rated, HusKerrs iSmixie, Citizen_Snipes, SteelCurtainn ItsEyeQew, Ebatez, BasedGodXenoN JSmoothHD, Spreezyy_, Arrayyz
Kalei, pork, chun Kruzadar, BadBearGamer, SweeetTails LEGIQN, SloppyHarry, MrDaft MarkClarkk, TrickyRick, STUDLIE
MuTeX, Blazt, Knight OPMarked, Devious, ShadedStep p90princess, JujuSaiyann, GuhnStains Proze, NobuSpartan, BlingCjay
Rallied, Mayappo, ClassicPain24 Royalize_, Med1cinee_, GooeyGuyy SenseiSwishem, Yungstaz, Gangstazsalute SuperEvan, LuckyChamu, Repullze
Swagg, Booya, DiazBiffle TestyFPS, NiicoInfinite, EmSage TheBoiSantana, Bloo, Bartonlogist TheDanDangler, SkullFace49, Shifty
Tourva, Redman_Lyons, Nightlennn Wagnificent, Yeet, Finessen xAmpz, Wh2ezyy, Sirciz ItsMeRachelG, ?, ?
JessieCooks, ?, ? JHaZeGV, ?, ? LarryFishBurger, ?, ? Russ, ?, ?
Pamaj, Dirty, ? Crimsix, ?, ? Arcitys, Cellium, Prestinni Standy, Envoy, FeLo