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Team Unrational wins Toronto Ultra $25K Payout Warzone event: Final results

Published: 27/Jan/2022 2:20

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty League franchise Toronto Ultra just hosted the latest $25k Warzone tournament on Rebirth Island and while Team Unrational proved unstoppable on the day, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how the action played out.

  • Unrational, Finessen, DillLive, Scummn secure first-place finish.
  • $25K prize pool for a Rebirth tourney.
  • $2K bonus for winning team in each lobby.

Keeping the ball rolling with high-stakes Warzone events, Toronto Ultra was the latest to host a $25K tournament. Just days after Team Summertime’s $15K event, many of the same CoD pros were out for revenge though this time, they were dropping into Rebirth Island instead.

If you missed any of the action, here’s a full breakdown of how the Rebirth customs played out.


Toronto Ultra $25k Payout final placements

Placement Team Kills
1st Team Unrational 132
2nd Team Aydan 111
3rd Team Smixie 91
4th Team Swagg 87
5th Team LEGIQN 82
6th Team Tommey 75
7th Team John 69
8th Team Emz 49

Toronto Ultra $25k Payout recap

Six custom lobbies full of Warzone’s sweatiest players led to six intense matches where only the sharpest came out on top. While CDL pros showed up for the event, including Ultra’s own Kickoff Classic champs, they were mostly left in the dust.

Instead, it was top Warzone talent that ran circles around the competitive CoD players. Aydan, Swagg, Tommey, and Smixie all helped lead their teams up the standings, but it was Unrational’s squad that soared above the rest.

Ending the day with 132 kills, a considerable lead over Team Aydan in second place, Team Unrational was the clearcut winner after six games.


Not only did the squad put up the best overall effort, but Scummn was even the top individual player as he contributed 47 kills in total.

Toronto Ultra $25k Payout Warzone stream & schedule

The tournament was streamed live on Toronto Ultra’s Twitch channel, though fans were also able to watch individual POVs of the players competing.

The tournament took place on Wednesday, January 26, with action having kicked off at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT/9 PM GMT).

Toronto Ultra $25k Payout Warzone format

The tournament saw 10 Quads take to Rebirth Island, playing 6 custom matches to find an overall winner.

The top three teams with the most kills at the end of the tournament took home $1,500/$1,000/$500 respectively, as well as the winning team of each lobby earning a bonus $2,000 payout.


Finally, $10,000 was shared out between participants based on their total number of kills at the end of the tournament.

Toronto Ultra $25k Payout Warzone teams

From CDL veterans to Warzone’s top streamers, the $25K Payout event was stacked with top talent. Below is a full look at every squad:

John, Rated, Ottereyes, Mayappo Tommey, Almond, Newbz, Fifakill
BearPigCentral, JessieCooks, Brittney, JDevise Booya, Swagg, SuperEvan, Destroy
Unrational, Finessen, DillLive, Scummn ZLaner, Smixie, zJelly, Warsz
Emz, KWRKY, Bubblect, Revolt Legiqn, Destroy, zSmit, Slacked
Insight, Bance, FiveByFive, TDawgSmitty Aydan, Stukawaki, Blazt, Gorgo