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Unrational & Scummn win TeeP’s Trials $25K Warzone tournament: final results

Published: 7/May/2021 4:20 Updated: 7/May/2021 4:23

by Alex Garton


Call of Duty veteran Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow hosted another $25,000 Warzone tournament in yet a new installment of TeeP’s Trials and this time around, Unrational and Scummn closed out the win. Here’s all you need to catch up on the full tourney.

  • Unrational and Scummn close out the Grand Final win.
  • Top duos like Aydan & Rated, Tommey & Almond lost in Losers Round 2.
  • $25K was on the line with action having kicked off on May 6 at 1 p.m. ET.

$25K Teep’s Trials: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st DougisRaw & exzachtt TBA
2nd Unrational & Scummn TBA
3rd wuskinz & Robbstar TBA
4th MuTeX & Blazt
Top 6 PickNick & Nickool
Testyment & Lenun
Top 8 Aydan & Rated
NRG Isaac & bbreadman

$25K Teep’s Trials: Results & Recap

With many of the world’s top Warzone competitors all dropping into the event, matchups were intense right from the jump. Five of eight opening round showdowns went the distance with three full maps played out across each.

Due to the heated level of competition on display, upsets quickly came through. Despite winning a $100K Warzone tournament just 24 hours prior, JoeWo and Stukawaki were among the first four teams knocked out. Winning just a single map, their run came to a swift end in the first round of the lower bracket.


Similarly, the likes of Tommey & Almond, HusKerrs & NewbZ, and Aydan & Rated were all knocked out rather early. This paved the way for some new duos to shine. DougisRaw & exzachtt took on Unrational & Scummn in back to back series to close the show.

DougisRaw & exzachtt took the win in the upper bracket finals but they couldn’t keep up the pace. Unrational & Scummn secured back-to-back series wins in the Grand Final to get the job done.

$25K Teep’s Trials stream

TeeP’s latestWarzone tournament was a 2v2 Quads elimination race format, so as always, there was plenty of action across the board. You can rewatch the full event through TeeP’s Twitch stream embedded above.


Moreover, every competitor was streaming their perspective throughout the event as well. You can catch up with some key POVs featuring: Aydan, Tommey, and JoeWo.

$25K TeeP’s Trials schedule

The tournament took place on Thursday, May 6, and started at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. With the event featuring a double-elimination bracket, teams had plenty of time to prove themselves. All in all, the latest tourney ran for more than 10 hours.

TeeP’s Trials teams & players

The TeeP’s Trials bracket was absolutely stacked with some of the biggest duos in Warzone. Interestingly, Newbz and Scummn split off and were playing with different teammates despite winning the last $20K event.

Here are all of the players that competed in the 2v2 bracket:


Team Captain Teammate
Zlaner Destroy
wuskinz Robbstar
HusKerrs Newbz
UnRationaL Scummn
JoeWo Stukawaki
Jukeyz Deleo
HollyLive Mayappo
PickNick Nickool
Aydan Rated
Kalei Piemxn
DougisRaw exzachtt
IceManIsaac bbreadman
Tommey Almond
MuTeX Blazt
BobbyPoff Rallied
Testyment Lenun