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Team Dashy wins Ridge Off-Season Modern Warfare tournament: Final results

Published: 14/Oct/2021 5:15 Updated: 14/Oct/2021 5:18

by Jacob Hale


OpTic Gaming’s Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards and Team Summertime hosted a 4v4 Modern Warfare tournament with the help of Ridge Wallet, and while it was Team Dashy that came out on top in the end, we’ve got you covered with a full recap.

  • Shotzzy, Dashy, iLLeY, Cellium close out first-place finish.
  • $5,000 prize pool.
  • 4v4 tournament instead of 5v5.

Shortly after many of the CDL’s top pros went back in time for the Black Ops 3 event, TST just hosted another throwback. This time, 2019’s Modern Warfare came into focus.

From Modern Warfare’s top S&D names to the most popular personalities, the tourney was stacked with talent. Here’s how it all unfolded.


Ridge Off-Season MW tournament: Final Placements (Top 8)

Placement Team
1st Team Dashy
2nd Team Arcitys
3rd Team FeLo
4th Team ZooMaa
Top 6 Team Aydan
Team Kismet
Top 8 Team Emiliaa
Team Xotic16

Ridge Off-Season MW tournament: Results & Recap

From the very first round, the MW tournament treated us to some matchups that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. Team Aydan vs Team JoeyNubzy went about as you’d expect, while matchups like Team Arcitys vs Team Kismet came down to the wire.

Big names like itswarsz, Jukeyz, and even ATL FaZe coach x2Pac_ThuGLorD were all knocked out early. Meanwhile, it was CoD stars like Arcitys and ZooMaa that helped push their teams through the upper bracket.

Ultimately, the grand finals came down to a showcased between Team Arcitys and Team Dashy. It was the latter who cruised through the first series 3-0 to force a bracket reset.


In just four more maps they closed out the finals with a bang, as Shotzzy, Dashy, iLLeY, and Cellium were crowned champions.

Ridge Off-Season MW tournament stream

Fans could watch the tournament through Hitch’s Twitch channel, embedded above, with himself and fellow Team Summertime members Blake and Jorge offering their commentary.

Alternatively, viewers could also tune into their favorite competitors’ personal channels too, as almost everyone was streaming during the event.

Ridge Off-Season MW tournament format and schedule

This Modern Warfare tournament was played with a 4v4, format unlike the MW CDL season which was 5v5.

16 teams kicked things off in total, with everyone battling through a double-elim bracket.

The action got underway on Wednesday, October 13 at 3 PM ET (12 PM PT/8 PM BST), and ran for more than eight hours all up.


Ridge Off-Season MW tournament teams

The teams were particularly exciting for players who love both the CDL and Warzone, with the best players in each meeting up to lock horns. Here’s a look at the full lineups that competed:

Envoy, Arcitys, Scump, FormaL ZooMaa, Temp, Kenny, Methodz Shotzzy, Dashy, iLLeY, Cellium Tommey, Almond, Newbz, Aydan
Royalty, Standy, Felo, Davpadie Xotic, Parasite, Fire40, Noysii JoeyNubzy, Jettski, Mock, JoeDeceives PaulEhx, Venom, Zaptius, GRVTY
Kismet, Equiip, Apexcitys, Heis Teddyrecks, 2pac, Ramby, Archivs DylanSeek, Hummus, Stranfe, MoCryptic Jukeyz, Afro, Deleo, Nastie
Warsz, Cammy, CleanX, HyDra Kelsaroony, Insight, Genesis, Gismo Futives, Seb, ScummN, TonyHawk EmiliaRose, Seedy, Notfdze, Cormacle