Tommey & Almond win Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: final results

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Jack Link's Warzone Season 3 Invitational
Activision / Envy

Jack Link’s returned for another major Warzone Invitational early in Season 3 and with $30,000 on the line, it was Tommey and Almond who closed out an emphatic win. Here’s a complete recap of how it all unfolded.

  • Tommey & Almond beat Jukeyz & Fifakill to secure a $15,000 prize.
  • Swagg & Booya, Warsz & Intechs knocked out early.
  • 32 Duos featured throughout the double-elim bracket.

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Tommey & Almond $15,000
2nd Jukeyz & fifakill $10,000
3rd Rated & Aydan $5,000
4th ZLaner & Destroy
Top 6 Bobbypoff & HusKerrs
Teep & Unrational
Top 8 Kalierenay & Pieman
Joewo & Stukawaki

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Results & Recap

With many of the world’s top Warzone players all signed up for the event, things got off to a hectic start right from the jump. The likes of Teep & UnRational along with Swagg & Booya were stunned in their first lobbies, dropping to the lower bracket in just a matter of moments.

Four Duos were able to push through the early stages of the upper bracket, wiping out formidable opponents along the way. Familiar names eventually met up in the winners finals as two of the highest-earning players, Rated & Aydan, met up with Tommey & Almond. Ultimately, it was the first 100 Thieves streamer that pushed past the second, as Tommey’s Duo secured a spot in the Grand Finals.

While Jukeyz & fifakill gave them a run for their money in the final showdown of the day, hot off the heels of a $20K event win last week, they couldn’t quite overcome the final hurdle. Tommey & Almond ran away with an insurmountable lead to close out the first-place finish.

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Streams

No different from earlier iterations, this new event was hosted by Envy. Therefore, viewers were treated to a featured broadcast on the official Team Envy Twitch channel as things got underway.

Moreover, all of the 32 invited players were streaming their own perspectives throughout the event as well. From Aydan to Tommey, fans were able to tune in and directly watch their favorite competitors. 

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Schedule

Warzone Season 3 Jack Link's Invitational
The Season 3 tournament is right around the corner.

Jack Link’s latest Warzone tournament was another single-day event. With just two lives before facing elimination, teams didn’t have long to find their footing. 

It all kicked off on Tuesday, May 4 with the first lobbies having started at 12PM CT | 1PM ET | 2PM PT.

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Players

32 popular streamers were invited to the latest $30K Invitational. Below is a look at every Duo that dropped in throughout the event.

Rated Aydan
Swagg Booya
Joewo Stukawaki
Warsz Intechs
Kaleirenay Pieman
ZLaner Destroy
Jordy20 Royalize
Tommey Almond
Nufo Clutch Belk
Teep Unrational
Rallied Finessen
Jukeyz Fifakill
Sebasberon Exzachtt
Bobbypoff HusKerrs
IcemanIsaac JaredFPS

Jack Link’s $30K Warzone Invitational: Format

Warzone Season 3 Jack Link's Format
A full rundown on the latest Jack Link’s Warzone Invitational.

The Jack Link’s and Envy Warzone Season 3 Invitational featured a standard Duos format in the Quads playlist.

Two teams faced off in the same lobby, hunting down kills in order to advance through the double-elim bracket.

  • Duo Kill Race (in Quads)
  • 16-team, double-elimination bracket
  • Winners Bracket: two matches per round
  • Losers Bracket: one match per round

The total prize pool for the event was $30,000. The winning team received $15,000, second place secured $10,000, while third place was sent $5,000.

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