How to watch HusKerrs $30k Warzone tournament: stream, teams, format

How to watch HusKerrs $30k Warzone tournament: stream, teams, formatActivision / Partie

Call of Duty Warzone pro HusKerrs is hosting a $30,000 trios tournament. Here’s everything you need to know about the Community Clash from where to stream, the format, to the teams. 

  • One-day, $30K, and highest kill total wins.
  • Trios custom lobby format with 30 team captains invited.
  • Top players include Rated, Newbz, Tommey, and more.

A huge patch recently hit Warzone, which can certainly shake up the meta. With two guns getting nerfed and the Krig 6 possibly on the rise, this tournament can see a different arsenal of weaponry.

With guns like the Modern Warfare MP5 and JAK-12 seeing a rise in popularity again, this tournament can definitely tell us where the meta is.

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Some of Warzone’s best are set to take the battlefield later today in a private-lobby tournament. You’re not going to want to miss any of the action.

HusKerrs Warzone $30K stream

There is no official stream that has been posted for this tournament, but you will be able to tune into your favorite streamers and check out their POV. Check out the likes of Rated, Newbz, and Almond for top-tier gameplay.

HusKerrs Warzone $30K format & schedule 

The format for the HusKerrs $30K can definitely create a lot of excitement. In total, 30 teams of three will battle it out to become the champion.

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Here is the format for the tournament:

  • Trios will drop into 6 custom lobby games.
  • 1 kill = 1 point.
  • The team with the most kills at the end of 6 games is the winner.

The competition is set to take place on September 24 at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET.

HusKerrs Warzone $30K teams

While full teams have yet to be announced we can take a look at some of the team captains for this event.

Team Captains
SenseiSwishem, ???, ??? ShaddedStep, ???, ??? JaredFPS, ???, ???
Smixie, ???, ??? ClutchBelk, ???, ??? Newbz, ???, ???
Rated, ???, ??? BritneyRaines, ???, ??? FaZe Bloo, ???, ???
Jukeyz, ???, ??? Hollylive, ???, ??? zColorss, ???, ???
JessieCooks, ???, ??? ScummN, ???, ??? Queenshadows, ???, ???
p90princess, ???, ??? TheDanDangler, ???, ??? Bartonologist, ???, ???
Almond, ???, ??? HusKerrs, ???, ??? Wagnificent, ???, ???
Destroy, ???, ??? Tommey, ???, ??? ???, ???, ???
???, ???, ??? ???, ???, ??? ???, ???, ???
???, ???, ??? ???, ???, ??? ???. ???, ???

With team captains such as Rated, Jukeyz, and ScummN there will certainly be some explosive games that you won’t want to miss.