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Call of Duty • May 03, 2019

CWL London 2019 - Multi-stream, schedule, brackets, pools and more

CWL London 2019 - Multi-stream, schedule, brackets, pools and more

The CoD World League makes it’s one and only stop in Europe between May 3 and 5 as London's Copper Box arena hosts thousands of die-hard Call of Duty fans.


General Info

  • Location: Copper Box Arena, London
  • Dates: May 3-5, 2019
  • Prize Pool: $325,000 
  • Total Teams: TBC
  • Game Types and Maps:
      • Control: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Seaside
      • Hardpoint: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Seaside
      • Search and Destroy: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Payload


Official Streams






CWL London Brackets

The following are all of brackets available for both the pro and amateur tournaments going on at CWL Fort Worth.

CWL London schedule

Friday, May 3 - Pool Play

Pool A

100T [3-1] Rec6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
OpTic [3-2] E66:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
OpTic [3-0] REC9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
100T [3-1] E69:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
100T [3-1] OpTic12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM
E6 [3-1] REC12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM

Pool B

Splyce [3-0] Denial5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
Gen.G [3-0] LG5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
GenG [3-0] Splyce8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
LG [2-3] Denial8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
Splyce [3-1] LG11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM
GenG [3-1] Denial11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM

Pool C

eU [1-3] Envy5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
FaZe [3-2] EG5:00AM8:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
eU [3-2] FaZe8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
Envy [1-3] EG8:00AM11:00AM4:00PM1:00AM
FaZe [3-1] Envy11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM
eU [3-1] EG11:00AM2:00PM7:00PM4:00AM

Pool D

Heretics [3-0] UYU6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
Midnight [1-3] Elevate6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM11:30PM
Heretics [3-0] Elevate9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
Midnight [3-2] UYU9:30AM12:30PM5:30PM2:30AM
Midnight [1-3] Heretics12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM
UYU [3-1] Elevate12:30PM3:30PM8:30PM5:30AM

Saturday May 4 - 

WR1eU [0-3] 100T6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
WR1Gen.G [3-0] UYU6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
LR1Rev [3-1] EG6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
LR1Midnight [3-1] Denial6:00AM9:00AM2:00PM11:00PM
WR1OpTic [3-0] FaZe7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
WR1Splyce [1-3] Heretics7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR1Envy [3-1] E67:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR1LG [3-2] Elevate7:30AM10:30AM3:30PM12:30PM
LR2FaZe [2-3] LG9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2Splyce [1-3] Envy9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2EU [3-2] Midnight9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
LR2UYU [1-3] Rec9:00AM12:00AM5:00PM2:00AM
WR2100T [3-2] Gen.G9:30AM1:30PM6:30PM3:30AM
LR3REC [1-3] eU9:30AM1:30PM6:30PM3:30AM
WR2OpTic [3-0] Heretics11:00AM3:00PM8:00PM5:00AM
LR3LG [2-3] Envy11:00AM3:00PM8:00PM5:00AM

Sunday May 4 - Championship Sunday

OGFKairos [0-6] MF2:00AM5:00AM10:00AM7:00PM
LR4Heretics [0-3] eU2:00AM5:00AM10:00AM7:00PM
LR4Gen.G [1-3] Envy4:30AM7:30AM11:30AM8:30PM
LR5eU [3-0] Envy6:00AM9:00AM1:00PM10:00PM
WFOpTic [1-3] 100T7:30AM10:30AM2:30PM12:30AM
LFeU [3-0] OpTic9:00AM12:00PM4:00PM2:00AM
GF100T vs eU11:30AM1:30PM5:30PM3:30AM

CWL London pro pool standings

The top two teams from each pool advance to the Winners Bracket, while the bottom two teams have to start in the Losers Bracket.


CWL London pro team rosters

Pool A

100 ThievesKenny, Octane, Enable, SlasheR, Priestahh
OpTic GamingScump, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, TJHaly
Enigma6General, KiSMET, Frosty, JetLi, GodRX
Team Reciprocitywuskin, Tommey, Zed, Seany, Dylan

Pool B

Gen.GNagafen, Havok, MajorManiak, Maux, Envoy
SplyceJurd, Temp, Accuracy, Loony, AquA
LuminosityFormaL, Gunless, Slacked, Classic, John
Denial EsportsJoee, Bance, Rated, Alexx, Brack

Pool C

eUnitedClayster, Simp, Arcity, Prestinni, aBeZy
FaZe ClanZooMaa, Skrapz, Zer0, Cellium, Asim
EnvyACHES, Huke, SiLLY, Decemate, Fero
Evil GeniusesAttach, Xotic, JKap, Apathy, Phantomz

Pool D

MidnightParasite, Lacefield, LlamaGod, Blazt, Knight
Team HereticsLucky, MethodZ, Sukry, JurNii, MeTTalZz
UYUMethodz, Proto, Royalty, Mayhem, Parzelion
ElevateWailers, ProFeeZy, MRuiz, Skyz, Breeszy

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