Team Swagg wins $75K Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: Final Placements

Brad Norton
Twitch Rivals Warzone Season 4 ReloadedActivision / Twitch

Another round of Twitch Rivals action is in the books as Team Swagg secured the top spot in Warzone’s latest $75,000 custom lobby tournament.

  • Swagg, Booya, and Biffle secure $15,000 first place prize.
  • 49 Trios dropped into five rounds of private lobby action.
  • $75,000 prize pool split among all 50 teams.

Just days after a week of major Warzone tournaments that handed out $75K in total, another new event was locked in as Twitch Rivals put $75K on the line in just one day. Twitch Rivals featured all the biggest names in a series of custom lobbies and we’ve got the full recap on how it unfolded.

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Final Placement (Top 10)

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Team Swagg 104.40 $15,000
2nd Team TeePee 100.80 $12,000
3rd Team LuckyChamu 92 $9,000
4th Team Tommey 85.30 $6,000
5th Team zColorss 74.10 $3,000
6th Team Tfue 71.40 $1,500
7th Team Knight 58.60 $1,350
8th Team Aydan 58.10 $1,350
9th Team itsEyeQew 55.70 $1,350
10th Team BobbyPoffGaming 53.30 $1,200

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Results & Recap

With only five opportunities to secure high-kill games and push for the juiciest point multipliers, all teams came out looking hot in game one. Competition was immediately fierce with Warzone’s top pros running into one another in the high-stakes custom lobbies.

While FaZe’s Kalei Renay hit some disgusting snipes in the first lobby, it was Tfue’s team who actually secured the round one victory. From that point on, the standings were wide open for any Trio to cruise to the top.

Game wins from TeePee and LuckyChamu helped push their respective Trios up the rankings, but it was an extraordinary 50 point Game 4 from Team Swagg that secure first place before the final showdown.

While TeeP kept things close down to the very last gunfight in Game 5, it was ultimately Team Swagg that walked away with the $15,000 win.

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Streams & Schedule

The Main Event of the new Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown kicked off on Tuesday, July 20 at 2PM PT | 5PM ET. Throughout the custom lobby event, the official Twitch Rivals channel served as a hub stream to keep on top of the action.

With five lobbies played out in full, the competition ran for just over five hours in total. As always, fans could also tune into their favorite streamers directly.

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Format & Prizing

Unlike many recent Warzone events, the latest Twitch Rivals competition featured a private lobby format. All players dropped into the same instance of Verdansk and battled for not only kills, but a higher placement. A total of five games were played on the day.

Each elimination awarded a single point but score multipliers were on offer for Trios that made it further through each lobby.

As an example, a Trio may secure 10 eliminations in their first game. If they also managed to finish in first place for that lobby, their 10 points would be doubled. Below is a full breakdown of the scoring structure in each game.

Placement Kill Multiplier
1st 2.0x
2-5th 1.5x
6-15th 1.3x
16-25th 1.1x
26th+ 1.0x

The Twitch Rivals competition also featured a hefty $75,000 prize pool. Rather than having the lion’s share go to the top teams, however, all 49 Trios received a cash prize for their efforts. You can find the full prize pool breakdown below.

Overall Placement Prize
1st $15,000
2nd $12,000
3rd $9,000
4th $6,000
5th $3,000
6th $1,500
7th-9th $1,350
10th-12th $1,200
13th-15th $1,050
16th-20th $900
21st-25th $750
26th-30th $600
31st-40th $375
41st-49th $300

Twitch Rivals $75K Warzone Showdown: Teams & Players

There are 49 captain slots in total for the latest Twitch Rivals event. That adds to 147 players in each custom lobby. The vast majority of captain slots were handed out by Twitch directly to the biggest Warzone streamers. However, there were a handful of extra teams joining the mix.

Three successful Trios from an earlier qualifying stage also dropped into the private lobbies. Below is the full rundown on every Trio that competed in the Twitch Rivals event.

Swagg, Booya, DiazBiffle Tommey, newbz, Almond wagnificent, Braalik, exzachtt
Blazt, Tfue, Pieman Ottereyes, Mayappo, BobbyPoffGaming Nickool, ScummN, UnRationaL
Rated, Aydan, Skullface49 Proze, BlingCjay, NobuSpartan iSmixie, queenshadows, SenseiSwishem
TeePee, DougisRaw, Cloakzy TheDanDangler, famedaking, Scop3s Bartonologist, Russ, NuMbeR1Girl
HusKerrs, JoeWo, MuTeX Trick2g, Cookiemanman, HelpfulEvil aHTracT12, TheDezmond, zColorss
yeet, bbreadman, its_iron Bluex, Frozone, Metaphor BigCheeseKIT, SnipingCookie28, TheMurdaa
Kalei, ClutchBelk, StellarMoves SuperEvan, LuckyChamu, Repullze dizinuv, volcomttv, zcastillo
IceManIsaac, OPMarked, Devious LEGIQN, sloppyharry, Reedr GooeyGuyy, JKriiNkz, Sport_TM
Envader, Braxtvn, ProblemWright yata_tv, FIVEVYFIVEx, gangstazsalute88 Sirciz, ReelMason, AngelWalks
ikesnasty, validhands, JessieCooks MarkClarkk, TrickyRick, STUDLIE Pineaqples, Arrayz, Djmas23
chun, chocoTaco, Pork Innocents, babydillster, StayFinessen BasedGodXenoN, ItsEyeQew, ZSmit