How to unlock Trophy Systems in Vanguard

Trophy Systems in Call of Duty VanguardActivision

Trophy Systems have been the most requested feature since Vanguard’s launch and now, the wait is over. We’ve got all the info on how to unlock the projectile-blocking Field Upgrade so that you can keep yourself safe on the battlefield. 

Up to this point, grenades have been a key part of the Vanguard gameplay experience. Whether you’re tossing them into the hill in Hardpoint or just trying to shove an enemy out of a power position, the only way someone could survive is by using the Fortified perk.

Sledgehammer had originally intended to keep it this way but after a barrage of requests from the community, the devs decided to give the people what they wanted.

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Here’s how you can grab the new Trophy System in CoD Vanguard.

How to unlock Trophy Systems in Vanguard

Trophy System in Black Ops Cold WarActivision
Vanguard’s trophies will work exactly like their Cold War counterparts even if the design has changed a bit.

While at first, early images revealed a unique challenge tied to unlocking Trophy Systems, that’s not quite the case. Following some initial backlash to a challenge that involved ‘surviving 15 matches without being killed by a grenade,’ the task was scrapped altogether.

Now, to unlock the Trophy System in Vanguard, you simply need to log in and play the game. “All players will be granted the new Trophy System Field Upgrade,” Sledgehammer confirmed. “No challenge completion required!”

This marks a unique change of pace for new equipment in Vanguard. Typically, all new arrivals are locked behind either in-game challenges or Battle Pass Tiers. This time around, however, just by booting up the game, you’ll have access to the Trophy System right away.

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Vanguard Trophy SystemActivision
The original Trophy System challenge in Vanguard was quite a doozy.

With Trophy Systems finally back in CoD, it’s only a matter of time before the meta changes up. Spamming both tactical and lethal equipment should prove less effective than before across most standard game types.

No doubt the pro scene will breathe a sigh of relief after getting their hands on the highly-requested feature as well.