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How to unlock the new UGR SMG in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War

Published: 6/May/2022 23:51

by Alec Mullins


The May 6 Cold War update brought the UGR SMG into the battle in both Warzone and BOCW. This high-powered machine operates quite differently from its other submachine gun counterparts, so here’s how to unlock it and try it out for yourself. 

Even after Season 3 update (aka Classified Arms) Warzone’s SMG meta hasn’t seen that much of a shakeup.

Both the Owen Gun and the MP40 still reign supreme over the rest of their competitors and every other gun is trying to catch up.

There hasn’t been a good answer so far, but the UGR could make a run for the throne.


How to unlock the UGR in Warzone & Cold War

UGR in Cold War
Looking for a new high-powered SMG to try out? The UGR checks that box in a major way.

Just like the Nikita AVT and M1916 in Season 3, this new sub is unlocked by completing an in-game challenge.

This time around that means tallying up kills against players that have been revealed via Spy Plane, UAV, or Field Mic in 15 different matches.

Players can alternatively buy the Lazar Operator bundle to unlock the Dealmaker UGR Blueprint without having to complete any challenges.

Cold War's UGR SMG Blueprint
The Dealmaker is Lazar’s signature version of the new UGR SMG.

In terms of stats, this new addition is pretty unique. Despite being a fully automatic weapon, it lines up closer to the power of the KSP 45 than any other gun in their class.

The tradeoff comes in the form of fire rate though, so expect it to be used more like the long-range Milano builds that are popular on Rebirth Island.


There’s no way to know if this will be the gun to shake things up, but more options mean more chances for a new king to emerge.