How to unlock Rytec AMR sniper in Modern Warfare & Warzone fast

Jacob Hale

On June 30, Modern Warfare and Warzone received a hefty patch that nerfed the MP5 and the Grau, as well as bringing a brand new sniper rifle to the fold.

The Rytec AMR sniper brings something very unique to Modern Warfare and Warzone, with both Explosive and Thermite rounds making it even more deadly than it already is.

It’s got a decent rate of fire, perhaps not quite as powerful as the likes of the HDR, but with attachments like Explosive Rounds, that is easily rectified.

modern warfare season four reloadedActivision
The Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded update brings the Rytec AMR sniper rifle, new Warzone changes and a host of balancing changes.

Obviously, as with all weapons added to the game, it’s not as simple as logging in and seeing the gun available to use – you’ve got to actually earn it.

Luckily, the challenge you have to complete to unlock the Rytec AMR is actually relatively easy, as you only have to get three quickscope kills in 15 separate matches.

Follow the steps below for the easiest way to unlock the new Rytec AMR sniper rifle.

  1. Create a new sniper or marksman rifle class to get quickscopes – we would recommend a weapon like the Kar98, with attachments to improve ADS speed and reload time.
  2. Start playing the Shoot the Ship playlist (feel free to skip lobbies so as to only get Shipment).
  3. Pick your new quickscoping class and find a good spot where you can easily pick off enemies.
  4. Back out of the lobby and find a new game.
  5. Repeat until you’ve got your three quickscope kills in 15 matches – you will be notified when the gun is unlocked.
rytec amr sniper rifle in modern warfare and warzoneActivision
The Rytec AMR is a completely new kind of sniper in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

There you have it: you’ll be using the Rytec AMR in no time if you follow these steps.

Even if you’re not a particularly potent sniper, attaching a reflex sight to a Kar98 makes you feel like you’re wielding a very powerful assault rifle, so this might just do the trick.

Unfortunately, this isn’t that simple if you don’t have Modern Warfare downloaded and only play Warzone, and you best start dropping in to Verdansk at a fast pace if you want to use the Rytec before anyone else.

If you’re looking to find out what else is new, be sure to check out the patch notes, because you might need to have a better look at some of your classes going forward.