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How to unlock Akimbo pistols in Modern Warfare: best .357 attachments

Published: 8/May/2020 0:24

by Albert Petrosyan


Akimbo pistols, specifically the dual wield .375 Snake Shot magnums, are all the rage right now in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone, so we’ve got everything you need to know to unlock them quickly.

Anyone who’s played even just a few matches of MW multiplayer or Warzone in recent weeks will have come up against players using the Akimbo .357 Snake Shot pistols. Why? Because they’ve been incredibly overpowered and virtually unbeatable.

Even with the May 7 update that nerfed the Snake Shot attachment, it seems as though the dual wield magnums are still very viable, and having them as an option in your battle royale arsenal is a must at this point.


Infinity Ward; YouTube - ChrisBeBallinThe Akimbo .357 Snake Shot pistols have been terrorizing both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone matches.

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How to unlock Akimbo weapon perk

The key to carrying two pistols at once is the Akimbo weapon perk, which was added into the game late February as a new unlockable feature.

Each pistol has this perk as an option, which means you can run any handgun in a dual wield setup. All you need to do is complete the requirements necessary to unlocking Akimbo, which can be found in the weapon perk slot at the bottom right hand of the Gunsmith screen.

  • X16: Get three kills in five different matches using the Sleight of Hand perk
  • 1911: Get three kills in five different matches using the Mo’Money perk
  • .357: Get three kills in five different matches using the Recon perk
  • M19: Get three kills in five different matches using the Frangible-Wounding perk
  • .50 GS: Get three kills in five different matches using the FMJ perk
  • Renetti: Get three kills in five different matches using the Mo’Money perk
Infinity WardIn order to unlock the Akimbo perk, you must get three kills in five different matches using a pistol equipped with another specific perk.

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You will need to have those specific weapon perks unlocked first in order to use them to complete the challenges, which in turn will unlock the Akimbo. This means you may have to level up your pistol of choice a bit before you can even go for the dual wield.


Another very important thing to note is that if you leave a match early, the kills you get in the next game will not count towards your challenges. So, let’s say you get your three pistol kills done nice and early at the start of a match, don’t leave. Instead, just switch to another class or a different handgun and play it out until the end.

The only time when leaving early will work for your benefit is the fifth and final match that you get your three kills in. As long as you didn’t leave the prior game early, that one should count even if you quit out.


Infinity WardThe Akimbo weapon perk can be used with any pistol in Modern Warfare.

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Okay, enough games. We all know what you’re here for – the infamous .357 Snake Shot setup. There’s no denying that almost everyone going for Akimbo is doing so with the magnums so that they can rain terror upon their enemies in Warzone.

Once you do unlock the dual wield perk, the next step is to set up your .357 class with the appropriate attachments; only a very specific combination will yield the setup you’re looking for.

  • Barrel: .357 Long
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Trigger Action: Lightweight Trigger
  • Ammunition: Snake Shot
  • Perk: Akimbo

The .357 Long barrel extends your range, the 5mW Laser ensures better accuracy and recoil control when firing from the hip, the Lightweight Trigger allows you to shoot at a faster rate, and the Snake Shot ammo is key to turning your magnums into mini-shotguns.


For this particular setup, having a muzzle is not important and optics are obviously useless for all Akimbo classes since you can’t ADS when using dual wield pistols.