How to slide cancel in Call of Duty: Vanguard

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In the more recent iterations of Call of Duty games, good movement can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. The slide cancel is back in Vanguard, and here’s how you can do it.

Being able to out-maneuver your opponents on the battlefield is a sure-fire way to confuse them and put yourself in advantageous positions to beat them.

Many players have noted that slide canceling feels different in Vanguard to how it did in Warzone and Modern Warfare, and they’re not wrong: there are slight differences, despite being on the same engine

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Most importantly, though, the slide cancel is perfect in increasing your Tactical Sprint distance, essentially making it so that you’re always running as fast as possible. Here’s how you can slide cancel in Vanguard to get the better of your enemies and move quickly around the map.

How to slide cancel in Vanguard

Vanguard solider Call of DutyActivision
With Vanguard’s upcoming Warzone integration, you’ll want to get your movement down to a fine art.

Slide canceling in Vanguard is pretty much exactly the same as it was in Modern Warfare and Warzone, though it will feel and look a little different.

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This method applies to both console & PC, and whether you are using a controller or keyboard & mouse.

Here are the steps to slide cancel in Vanguard:

  1. Start sprinting — This is easier if you use the Auto Tactical Sprint setting, as recommended in our best controller settings guide.
  2. Once you’ve run a few metres, or you feel your Tactical Sprint is about to end, click the Slide button.
  3. Before your slide reaches its slowest point, hit the Slide button again. This is the ‘cancel’ part.
  4. Immediately after hitting the button again, press the Jump button. This will stand your player up and get them sprinting once again.

In Vanguard, this will feel a little different to Warzone and MW. Instead of immediately resuming your Tactical Sprint, you’ll take a few steps before hitting your top pace again, essentially making it so that you’re not permanently in Tactical Sprint mode.

Once you’ve got the hang of this, you can easily use it to slide around corners, do quick checks of rooms and, ultimately, make it much harder for opponents to track you.

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