How to reduce Modern Warfare and Warzone file size with Texture Streaming

. 2 years ago
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If your Modern Warfare and Warzone file size is taking up too much space on your console or PC, Activision has implemented a new feature to help trim things down with an innovative Texture Streaming feature.

The enormous file size of Modern Warfare and Warzone is often one of the biggest talking points in the community. With each new patch, players are forced to download more and more, adding to how much space is actually needed for the game.

Thankfully, the November 9 update has introduced an entirely new feature to help with this issue. While you’ll have to download it first, it comes boasting new ways to trim the game’s footprint on both console and PC.

PC gamers have access to an innovative streaming feature that relies on your network connection. Whereas console players simply have more choice than ever before thanks to a new high-resolution texture pack.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to reduce Modern Warfare and Warzone file size on console

Modern Warfare and Warzone operators
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Operator and weapon textures have all been reduced in quality with the latest update.

Once you’ve installed the November 9 update on PlayStation or Xbox, there will be a new option for you as you boot up. This factors in all consoles including current hardware and next-gen. By default, all Operator and weapon textures have been reduced in quality.

This was done to cut back the overall size of the game, as rare textures took up a huge amount of space. Even if you never encountered a basic Operator, the game would still have its high-quality texture installed on your console.

If storage isn’t an issue for you and you’re looking for the best possible graphics, an optional download is here for you. While the latest update reduced texture quality, a high-resolution DLC pack will be free to download in order to bump up the quality once again. 

When you first load up the game after the November 9 update, you’ll receive a prompt to download DLC. Upon accepting this prompt, follow the steps to download the high-resolution texture pack.

If you ignore this prompt but change your mind later on, don’t worry. You can head to the Game Installs menu to find the texture pack at any point in time.

How to reduce Modern Warfare and Warzone file size on PC.

Warzone weapons
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Expect to see a slight reduction in weapon texture quality unless you stream or install the higher resolution textures.

For PC players, there’s an entirely new option for you in the latest patch. Texture Streaming is an innovative feature that utilizes your internet connection, rather than files directly installed on your HDD or SDD.

With the higher quality textures removed, instead of downloading and installing them back on your PC, you now have an option to stream them instead. To avoid going over your bandwidth cap, or using too much data at once, a limit can be set in the Options menu. 

If you’d prefer to simply have the files installed on your PC anyways, that’s still an option here as well. Texture Streaming can be turned off completely.

Activision outlined more plans for additional texture packs in future. So expect the file size to be trimmed down even further as more become available.

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