How to play CoD: Mobile Zombies Aether Hunt event: Challenges, rewards, more


Following the launch of Undead Siege, the Dark Aether is wreaking havoc in CoD Mobile Zombies. Here’s how to play the thrilling event.

CoD: Mobile Zombies is getting its fair share of new zombified madness. Much like Cold War Zombies, there has been plenty to explore following new updates and additional content to the ongoing Season cycle. Taking the story back to square one, Cold War Zombies acts as a soft reboot for the overarching story. However, as fans peel the back layers of Treyarch’s mysterious narrative, it appears not everything is as it seems. 

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The latest chapter in the Zombies saga has brought mobile players further into the grim depths of the Dark Aether. Separate from the mainline story, CoD: Mobile has pleased fans by resurrecting the original cast of characters that first appeared way back in World At War. 

Fans will be able to interact with the nefarious Dr Edward Richtofen, as this master schemer is at the forefront of the Aether Hunt event. 

CoD Mobile ZombiesTiMi Studios
CoD Mobile Zombies has gone through a few different iterations.

How to play Aether Hunt in CoD: Mobile Zombies

Whereas the Undead Siege has players focusing on protecting their at-risk base, the Aether Hunt has other objectives in mind. To get stuck into the Aether Hunt, you’ll need to take yourself onto the Zombies menu in CoD: Mobile. Located on the home screen, this separate hub will allow you track your Zombies progress in a tidy, organized space away from your traditional Multiplayer and Battle Royale advancements. 

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The goal here is to maximize your collection of Aether, by searching for and destroying Aether ores. Different from the crystals found in Cold War Zombies, these mobile variants are split into yellow and purple versions. Upon collection of yellow Aether ores, the player will be rewarded with a typical amount of Aether. The yellow variant is regarded as more of a “basic” crystal. You’ll really want to get your hands on the purple ores. 

These will offer the player a far greater quantity of Aether. If you’re struggling to find more of both ores, luckily there are daily event tasks that are refreshed consistently. On top of these daily tasks, players will also be able to take on one additional limited-time challenge for a chance to earn more Aether. Once satisfied with your ore collection, you can extract them on the Aether Hunt menu within the Zombies hub. 

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Aether Hunt: Rewards

The length of the Aether Hunt event hasn’t currently been specified, but we can assume it will take place over the following month. Until an official conclusion is reached, there are a plethora of tasks to get your hands dirty with. Here is what you can expect to get up to:

Mainline Tasks

  • Break 3 Aether Crystals in Undead Siege Hard.
  • Kill one zombie in Undead Siege – Hard with a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Drive 100 meters in Undead Siege Hard.
  • Upgrade a turret to the max level in Undead Siege – Hard.
  • Kill three zombies with a vehicle in Undead Siege – Hard.

One Time Challenges

  • Headshot 50 times in any mode.
  • Rescue teammates ten times in Undead Siege – Hard.
  • Complete 20 MP ranked matches with a K/D ratio over or equal to 1.

Daily Tasks

  • Complete three matches in any mode.
  • Win 5 matches in any mode.
  • Daily Login for Aether Hunt.
  • Kill 50 zombies in Undead Siege.
  • Win 1 match in Undead Siege Hard.
  • Earn 1 MVP title in MP matches.
  • Repair Armor 5 times in BR matches.
  • Achieve one triple kill in MP matches.
  • Win 1 BR match.

CoD: Mobile Zombies has appeared in different forms over the last few months and will undoubtedly return with more spooky surprises in the future.

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For now, you can enjoy the terror of the Aether Hunt for weeks to come.