How to play Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Plunder mode

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone won’t just have a battle royale, as Activision and Infinity Ward have included ‘Plunder’ – an objective-based mode where the biggest gold-digger will reap the rewards!

Call of Duty: Warzone is Infinity Ward’s stab at a battle royale that will be available for free on March 10. However, the large-scale, slow-paced action of a battle royale isn’t for everyone.

Fear not, as Modern Warfare’s developers have got you covered with their subsidiary mode, Plunder — a mode designed to offer a more casual experience than a traditional battle royale game.

Modern Warfare Season 2 cinematic.Activision
Plunder will put a fast-paced spin on Call of Duty Warzone’s battle royale mode.

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What is Plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone?

In Plunder, you and your team will have to work together to scavenge as much cash as possible, in the quickest time. Much like the battle royale mode, you will hop into the thick of the action and have to loot their surroundings to gather as much cash as possible with your own custom loadout.

The objective is simple: accrue more cash than the opposing teams. Plunder will utilize the same currency system as in Warzone’s BR variation, but the amount of cash that you can find will be dramatically increased in comparison.

Helicopter in Modern Warfare.Activision
Players will be able to respawn straight back into the thick of the action.

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How does Plunder work?

Plunder is capped at 30 minutes, meaning that players will have to scout out as much cash as possible while still dealing with enemy threats.

The first team to reach $1 million in cash triggers an overtime mode, where players have a three-minute window to secure the most cash possible while the cash you find is doubled. The team with the most cash when the time ends wins the match.

But what happens if you die in Plunder? You can redeploy on the map after a 15-second cooldown period. One caveat is that there’s no Gulag in this mode, so respawns don’t have to be earned per se.

If you die with a stack of cash, you will drop a certain percentage of that, so it’s especially important to work as a team and deposit your gold before you get caught.

COD Points in Modern Warfare.Activision
The aim of the game is to be the biggest gold digger on the server.

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How to deposit cash in Plunder

1. Helicopter Pads

There are a number of designated Helicopter Pads dotted around the map where players will be able to deposit their cash. Essentially, you will be able to run up to one of the designated spots and call for a Chopper to come and collect your gold.

The aircraft will take as much cash as you load onto it, but there is the inherent risk that comes with a big Chopper swooping into the map as it gives away your position and there is next to no cover around the deposit point. So do so at your own risk!

2. Deposit Balloons

Deposit Balloons offer a slightly more discrete method of depositing cash and are located at certain Buy Stations around the map.

Balloons come with two main drawbacks, however, since you have to use a certain portion of money to buy one and they will only hold up to $150,000. So if you’re nearing that $1 million mark, you’ll have to decide whether to go for the risky play or adopt a more conservative approach.

Defending a Chopper in Modern Warfare.Activision
“Get to the Chopper!” Squads might tactically decide to defend certain Helicopter Pads and sabotage enemy teams.

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One important tidbit of information to note is that if no one reaches $1 million in cash by the time the clock winds down, the team with the most money wins the match.

So what will your squad’s approach be? Go out all guns blazing, or patiently wait near a Helicopter Pad and pray for that big pay off?