How to improve your K/D in Warzone: JGOD’s top KD ratio tip

James Busby
JGOD Warzone

Call of Duty content creator JGOD has revealed his top tip that will instantly improve any Warzone player’s KD ratio. 

The virtual battlefields of Warzone’s Verdansk are notoriously competitive, which can make claiming a victory incredibly difficult. Because of this, players are constantly on the lookout for the best Warzone loadouts, map rotations, and any settings that will give them an advantage. 

Warzone’s skill ceiling is incredibly high, with many of the game’s top players demonstrating just how much effort goes into achieving personal best records. You can also use stat-tracking website MyStats to get complete insights on your statistical performance and improvements in Warzone.

Whether you’re a battle-hardened Warzone veteran or a fresh-faced recruit, JGOD has outlined a number of game-changing tips that will instantly improve your chances of snagging that all-important victory. 

JGOD’s biggest Warzone tip

Warzone Verdansk '84 gameplay
Checking your mini-map regularly is incredibly important in Warzone.

“One of the biggest dynamics within CoD vs other FPS shooters is the reliance and information you get from looking at the mini-map,” says JGOD. “This usually comes from ingrained muscle memory, where there’s literally nonstop information… you can see where your teammates are, you can see the spawns, there’s a lot going on.” 

JGOD checks his minimap every three seconds, which instantly improves the way he approaches engagements. By checking the mini-map a lot more, you’ll also be able to effectively rotate and even avoid any frustrating deaths that come from enemy ambushes. 

“I don’t think you look at [the mini-map] too much unless you’re staring at it,” says JGOD. There’s so much information there. It’s literally telling you where enemies are, where teammates are, where you have to position, even if there’s not a UAV in the air.”

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This is obviously incredibly important in close-quarter engagements where enemy squads could be camping in nearby buildings. Checking the mini-map will often help you pinpoint even the peskiest player’s position, which can give you the edge needed to swiftly eliminate them. 

“It’s not going to happen overnight,” says JGOD. “It has to be a conscious effort on a regular basis… You know your own deficiencies, you’ve just got be to real with which ones you have. Whether it’s your movement, aim, centering, map awareness, ability to track targets, understanding of loadouts – there’s a lot of variables when it comes to the game.” 

Just like how using an aim trainer to improve your precision, training yourself to check the mini-map more frequently can go a long way in improving your kill potential. So, next time you drop into Verdansk, try checking the map a little more and you might be surprised by just how much your KD ratio rises.